The Life You Breathe Into the Words That You Speak

“As it is written, “I have made you the father of many nations”—in the presence of the God in whom he believed, who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.”

~Romans 4:17

Words have a lot of power.  Not just the words that we write down, but also the words that we speak.  Not just to other people but the words that we tell ourselves.  I was watching an interview between Dr. Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey on her Super Soul Sunday show the other morning and he was speaking about the Art of manifestation and placing into our imagination who it is that we are and not stressing who it is that we are not. 

That really hit me when he said that.  No really, I was actually still asleep when the interview was on and I could hear the T.V. in my state of being still half sleep and half awake, but when I heard him say that it woke me up.  I quickly sat up in my bed as I heard him talk about how people who constantly say I am depressed, I am sick, I am sad, I am broke, I am not good enough, are inadvertently breathing life into those words and those feelings.  I thought to myself, I am one of those people. 

Not because I ever wanted to be.  Just because I think I spend way too much time professing the circumstances that I am stuck in instead of approaching it in the manner of claiming the end result.  Something so simple as taking the phrase ‘I am broke’ out of your vocabulary, and claiming the prosperity that lies ahead of you and that is within your reach could change the journey for any one of us.  Instead of reminding ourselves of what it is that we don’t have, or the not so positive feelings that we might be feeling, we have to lay claim to what it is that we want to be true. 

It’s not that you should pretend that you are not depressed, rather that you can choose another thought to have.  You can make the choice not to put into your imagination something that you don’t want to materialize.  If I am feeling like I am just (as I felt all last week) not very much in the writing mood, and I breathe those words into life, then of course no writing is going to get done. 

I am going to work very hard to start practicing those words of wisdom from Mr. Wayne Dyer in regards to manifesting what I want in my life by speaking it and making it so.  I have to keep in mind that when God said that all things are possible through him, he didn’t mean some things and not others.  He meant exactly what he said, ALL.  I want to breathe life into much more positive ways of seeing things. 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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