Redefining What Is Possible

It seems as if this week God is sending me all sorts of signs to lead me in the direction that I need to go.  It’s as if every doubt that I have is getting answered and addressed each day of the week and leaving me with absolutely NO excuses.  The other day I was going over just how many things were holding me back from just diving right in and then Ms. L. tells me about her 11 year old son starting his business with probably more limitations than I have, and yet here I am holding myself back.  

This morning I was thinking of all of the big dreaming that I keep doing and wondering just how much of what I want to accomplish is attainable.  I mean just what are my possibilities of making all of this stuff actually happen.  I was honestly going over the list of life goals that I made a long, long time ago in my head and wondering just what it was that I should cross off because it just wouldn’t be possible.  Then I heard a remarkable story on the news this morning about a man who had just climbed the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  What’s so special about that, surely he’s not the first person to do that?  That would be a true statement, but I believe that he is the fist person to do it with no legs.  

Spencer West was born with a genetic disorder in which his lower spine was poorly developed and left his legs permanently crossed and essentially useless.  By the time he was 5 years old he had to have his legs amputated to just below the pelvis area.  The doctors told him and his parents that he would never be able to sit up let alone walk and that he would never be a functioning member of society.  

Not only did he defy what the doctors limited him to but he has gone on to do public speaking, candidly telling his story in hopes of inspiring others that anything is possible.  He works with a charity called Free The Children and the climb up the mountain was a campaign that he called Redefine Possible and helped to raise almost $750,000 for the charity.  

Now as I am watching and listening to him speak and being so inspired by his story, I am wondering how can anything on my list of goals be considered impossible when this man, who has every reason to think that his options are limited, doesn’t see that there is anything that is not possible.  It is completely ironic how the stories that you need to hear the most, the one’s that truly will inspire you, always come right at the exact moment that you need to hear them.    

I suppose that it’s not really about my big dreams and goals being impossible, it’s more so about what my definition of possible really is.  Everything is not possible for every individual, but once again, this is not about what someone else deems as being possible when it comes to my ambitions.  It’s only about my own interpretation of just how far I can go and what I know is not impossible.  It’s kind of hard to think that there is anything that you can’t do once you see a man with no legs climb the tallest mountain in the world. 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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