Tapping Into the Inner Child In All of Us

I wrote yesterday about the fears that hold me back and releasing those fears.  Writing it down was quite therapeutic in many ways.  Then I read a blog post this morning from one of the many that I follow that made me think about when I was a child.

When we are children there is rarely anything that we are afraid of.  We are told (well I wasn’t told this but most children were and I believed it was true as well) that anything that you want is possible if you put your mind to it and go after it.  Children don’t really see the negative when it comes to their dreams and the future that they think up for themselves.  They try time and time again and they NEVER give up.

Think of how many times your children have tried to persuade you into getting something that they wanted and were relentless until (most likely) you finally gave in or miraculously made it happen.  My best friend Ms. L. and I are always having the situation where our kids are asking for something that they really want (because everything kids want is a matter of life or death in their mind) and it usually seems impossible for us to get them those things but their faith is unshakable and they hold firm to the fact that they are going to win out in the end.

Meanwhile we are both scratching our heads trying to think of how to make what they want possible.  Needless to say, some miraculous way we manage to be able to give them their hearts desire and all the while they never had any doubt that we would.  In their minds it was always going to work out to their benefit and just the way they wanted it.  Now that’s some kind of faith.  Just imagine if we could all tap back into that childlike faith when it comes to our dreams and our hearts desires.

I go to the skating rink all the time and I watch these kids do all of these tricks and amazing things on skates and it’s not that they are all trained to do them, it’s that they are fearless in trying.  They don’t care if they fall because they’ll just get back up and try it again.  They don’t care if they don’t get it the first, second, or third time around, they will just keep going until they finally do get it.  Meanwhile the adults (myself included) are watching in awe, wishing that we could do just half of the things they are able to do instead of actually just going out and trying it.

If we could all just stop standing by and watching while everyone else is doing the things that we long to be doing then just imagine what we could do in this world, for our lives, for our children’s lives.  We keep limiting the things that we can do but should we be.  I mean obviously we can’t miraculously (by ourselves) make the world the better place that I’m sure we all desire it to be and yeah sure we can’t actually hold the whole world in the palm of our hands but why the hell can’t we at least try.

Perhaps we could try looking at obstacles and struggles from a child’s point of view; with unyielding faith and unstoppable determination.  Think about it this way, children seem to get everything that they want simply because they believe that they will.  So let’s try having a little more faith and a lot less wonder.  They more you keep wondering about whether or not something is going to happen, the more you are actually wondering away from the very thing that you want.  Don’t wonder away from your dreams, just have faith that they ARE going to come true.

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