A Fortune to Be Told

I know that most people don’t give a lot of credence to fortune cookies or the supposed advice that they provide inside of them.  However, I am one of those people that do often times (not all the time) take what my fortune cookies have to say.  Of course they have to make some kind of sense or else I just toss them to the side.

My fortune cookies seem to always have meaningful messages that somehow just magically apply to whatever situation I am going through or whatever motivation that I happen to need.  At moments when I questioned whether I was making the right decisions I would get fortune cookies that read “Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned”, or “All your hard work will soon pay off”, or my personal favorite “God will give you everything that you want”.  Now I know that they may sound like some really good lines that the fortune cookie writer just happened to come up with but you have to understand the timing in which I received them.

Fortune Cookie Inspiration
Fortune Cookie Inspiration

So I stumbled upon one today (yes I keep all of the good ones stored away) that reminded me of how much our past experiences help to mold our future.  It read “the best profit of future is the past” and that is true for anyone but I think writers in particular get great use out of their past experiences.  We take the stories from our past and use them to shape the stories of our future.  One experience that impacted you greatly when you are younger, for a writer, can turn into hundreds of stories when you are older.

Thinking about this, in some ways, makes my somewhat cherish my bad childhood, or even the mistakes that I made as an adolescent or young adult.  I used to wish that I could take some of my mistakes from my past and get a do-over but then I would be changing my story, and the stories that I have to tell in the present and in the future.  I would be erasing all of the material that I have for some pretty good novels or even non-fiction cautionary tales in the (near) future.  You can’t go back to the past but you can turn your past into a very beneficial future.  You can let your past fuel the passions of your future.


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