There Is No Time Like the Present

the here and now

Yesterday the April issue of Write 2 Be magazine came out and in my letter from the editor I wrote about springing into action before too much time has passed and you realize that you haven’t even accomplished half of what you set out to achieve this year.  As I was uploading the issue to the site the news about the Boston Marathon explosions broke in on the TV and I just shook my head at the actions of someone who was obviously busy doing the devil’s work.  It made me saddened for those who were injured and certainly for those killed but I also felt like my message of springing into action was even more relevant.

None of us know what is going to happen from one day to the next and waiting around for the eventual time that is going to come for you to achieve those goals might just result in you wasting time that you may not have to waste.  We have to stop living for some time period that is a year or two from now and live for the moment, for today.  We keep putting things off and biding our time until someday gets here when you’re finally going to get moving and attack those goals, those dreams, with the determination and drive that should have been there all along.

For the ones at the marathon that died yesterday, particularly the eight year old little boy, they won’t get a chance to wait for someday to get here.  Their someday is gone now and while there is nothing that we can do to bring them back, there is something that we can do to honor them and to honor all of the lives that have been taken way too soon from their eventual tomorrow.  We can stop waiting for someday, or for a year from now, or even months from now.  We can start living out our dreams and serving God’s purpose NOW!  Not tomorrow, but right now.

They say that there is no time like the present and when I was younger I really didn’t get the depth of that saying.  However, as I have gotten older and as I have seen terrible things happen throughout this world I understand what that means.  There’s no time like the present because that’s all there is, is the present.  Live as if today was the last one you had.  I don’t mean live as if you’re going to die tomorrow, but rather enjoy your life today, enjoy the opportunities that you have today, take advantage of the goals that you can achieve today, and be happy today.  None of us knows what tomorrow will hold.  All we have is today!

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