My Journey is My Own

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I try not to compare my journey to the journey of others and I try not to be envious of the opportunities that I see other people receive and then just throw away.  I know that it is something that you are not supposed to do and it really doesn’t do any good because it doesn’t make your journey any more or less complicated than what it already is.

It gets hard when you see people in the media who seem to be throwing their wonderful opportunities that they have worked so hard to attain right down the drain.  But then I remind myself that my path is mine for a reason.  It is constructed however God decided to construct it and the obstacles that fall in my path are what God is using to prepare me for the next level of my journey that he already has mapped out.

I just have to keep fighting for my opportunities and removing my obstacles one at a time until I reach the destination that is in store for me.  I really have to start remembering not to regret the mistakes or the bumps along the path because those will be the same mistakes and bumps that are going to catapult me to my highest destination possible.  I suppose that I should stop wishing for another journey because then I may not like the results that come along with the change.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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2 thoughts on “My Journey is My Own”

  1. Hear you. I find it hard not to bonk myself over the head for what I deem my mistakes and confidentially , I wonder if I’ll ever get over my jealousy of other writers. I’ve tried to. At least I don’t act out on it. Thanks for the thought-filled post.

  2. Keep moving forward and you’ll get where you need and want to be. Don’t give up. Focus on self and continue to strive to be better and better. Hard work slays pay off.

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