What Do You Expect When You Are Already Planning to Fail?

prepare for victory

“You can not expect victory and plan for defeat”

~Joel Osteen

I saw the above quote and in many ways I felt like it tied so well into what I wrote about yesterday.  Something that living in the past causes us to do as well is to play things so safe that we end up planning for the worst that could happen instead of trusting in the best that God has for us.

As I read the quote I realized that when I am making back up plans and when I am cautioning myself for the other shoe to drop I am essentially expecting to be defeated and in turn planning for that defeat.  I can’t believe that I never saw it that way.  I just always thought I was just preparing for all of the possible scenarios, or for the inevitable pitfalls that can often times happen when we least expect it.  Instead I have been discounting my future victory by having the attitude of one that has already been defeated.  Yet another way that I have been sabotaging myself without even realizing that was what I was doing.

Why do we have so many back up plans when we claim that we know what it is we want out of our lives?  When we already know the purpose that God has put us here for, why would we keep making plans for a different route then the one that he has already mapped out?  God didn’t give us our gift so that we can serve his purpose only for us to question the direction that he wants us to take.  Had he wanted us to go in the opposite direction he would have steered us that way to begin with.

As I realize the things that I am doing to work against myself and my own goals I make the very best attempts to get back on track and to keep walking in the right direction.  I am still a work in progress on trying to conquer the many fears that I have and trying to maintain that unshakable faith in the direction that I am being steered in.  When you feel like you are getting off track, don’t plan for what you can do once you’ve been defeated.   Instead, plan for how you can get back on track to the purpose that you are destined for.  I think that all we can do on our journey is to trust in the direction that God has us walking on enough to plan for our victories instead of preparing for our defeats.


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