The One’s You Choose to Surround Yourself With

surround yourself with right people

I’ll be the first one to admit that I tend to let other people’s opinions of me, and of what I am trying to achieve with my writing, affect me more than I should.  Particularly people who are family and supposed to be supportive of you no matter what.  It’s hard to tell when people are just saying that they are for you or if they are genuinely for you and their actions resemble that.

People can support you and give you so-called help when asked but somehow still not be supportive because they throw it up in your face that you needed to ask for their help to begin with.  When people help you with strings attached then their support is on paper only.  When I say strings attached I mean they do sometihng for the shere ability to be able to ask you for something in return later. Or so that they can have it to hold over your head and rub it in to you that without their assistance you might not have been able to accomplish whatever it was they halped you with. Those kinds of people who support you, are only really waiting for you to fail, or for the moment when they can remind you that you once needed their help.

It hurts the most when those very same people are in your family or inner circle because those are the one’s who you look to be supportive of you and there for you without any conditions.  Sadly, it doesn’t always turn out that way.  Know the people around you.  Everyone who is presumably for you is not for you.  Your kin is not always your kind.

The people that surround you are very important in achieving your goals and dreams.  The wrong people will only bring you down and continue to pull you down as you climb your way up.  But the right people, they are going to be the one’s who help to push you forward and to give you a hand and pull you up if you start to fall.  Don’t let anyone drag you down simply because they are your family.


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