The Faith of a Child

Faith of a child

I remember when I was younger having such big dreams.  They were dreams that honestly seemed impossible to everyone that I told them to but to me they seemed like a no brainer.  You couldn’t have ever told me then that I wasn’t ever going to achieve those goals because I would’ve just told you that you were crazy for not believing in me and my talent and abilities.

As I got older and into my adulthood and life started to unfold differently than my original plan my dreams shifted, in some ways to include larger goals, and the words of those naysayers started to get inside my head.  I started to think that I was wishing for too much and dreaming way too big.  I started to think that maybe I should only strive for what seemed realistically possible.  I guess along the way my big dreams were always still in the back of my mind but I managed to dull their shine by settling for the things that seemed somewhat achievable, the things that were safely within my reach.

I was watching Joel Osteen the other morning and he spoke about dreaming big and not being afraid to pray God-sized prayers for yourself because there is nothing so big that God can’t do.  He reminded me that you get what you ask for, or in this case pray for, and that if all you ever do is pray the safe prayers and ask for the small and ordinary things, then that is what you’re going to get.  He reminded me that I am not bothering God to ask for what I really want and that it is not selfish to go big rather than play it safe.

I was never one to want a mediocre life before and my dreams cannot become a reality if I only play things safe so why am I.  Don’t get me wrong, I do pray, a lot, but I pray unselfish prayers and I pray things for my daughter, or for what would suffice for the moment to get me through a particular period of time.  I suppose I somehow developed this idea that there were certain things that I shouldn’t ask God for, things that would sound selfish considering the misfortune of so many in this world, things that seemed too big to ask God for, things that I guess I didn’t want to believe were possible for me to have, which is funny because when I was younger I never believed that anything was impossible for me to have.

What Joel Osteen was saying about daring to ask God for the big things, the things that seem to be impossible, resonated with me.  It took me back to that kid that wasn’t afraid to dream big and who wasn’t scared to pray for those things that everyone else thought I was crazy for even hoping would come true.  I hadn’t realized that I was putting limitations on God and what he was able to do for me.  More importantly, I was underestimating what God’s purpose for me was and not being bold enough to ask him for what he had already promised me was mine.

When you are seeking out the things you want most out of life, don’t walk in the safe zone like I have been doing.  Walk in the faith zone and trust in what God has planned for you.  If you have not, it is because you asked not.  Dare to dream big and stop praying small.  God is an awesome God who can do so many big things that he is just waiting for us to ask for.


Jimmetta Carpenter

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1 thought on “The Faith of a Child”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about prayer. I’ve found myself in similar situations in the past where I’m almost afraid to ask God for my own personal blessings out of fear that I’d become selfish or bothersome.
    But as I pondered the “why” of prayer, I learned that prayer is more real than I thought. Prayer is a way of showing humility to God, a way of showing that we are in constant need of His help. When we ask for help, God doesn’t see it as selfish. Rather, He sees an opportunity to bless us and guide us. God cares about our likes, dislikes, dreams, goals, fears, concerns.
    A friend of mine wrote an article with some great insight about the object of prayer. You might be able to relate well to it. This is the link:

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