Showing Up Can Be the Difference from Standing Still and Moving Forward

show up

The most important thing you can do as a writer, as an artist, or just as an entrepreneur in general is show up. Speaking from the standpoint of a writer who has made this her business, just sitting down in preparation to write something or promote what it is you are working on is showing up and is in some way (even if it’s in baby steps) moving your business and career forward.

I’m hard on myself sometimes, for essentially no reason, because I may sit down and the words may not even come for me to put together a blog post (as in yesterday) and I may not write (or type) one single word on the current project I may be working on but completely look over the fact that I did some social media promotion (as much as I can do anyway) or that I read my book or a writing magazine to fuel my creativity. I somehow discount those things when I should be celebrating those things for what they are which is progress.

Progress may not happen all at once like we so often want it to but typically the things that we want most, that matter the most, are not going to be easy to come by and they most certainly are not going to come all at once. Progress, in any form, no matter how little, should be acknowledged. I wrote a post a while ago about the fact that I felt like I was slacking in my reading and as most of you writers know, reading is a huge part of writing. I felt like I wasn’t measuring up in that department and I wasn’t being fueled creatively in that area.

Since then I have made time, in fact, I have gone so far as to include reading on my to do list for the day because I realized that if I didn’t put it on my list I might never get to it. I’ve not only been reading my fiction book that I am nearing the end of but I even have been reading some things on my craft. Just that little bit of progress has made me open up a little more in my creativity and I’m not going to discount that because it wasn’t actual writing that was being done.

I say all of this to say, celebrate the progress that you make in your daily endeavors and not just the big moments but the little ones as well. Don’t count out the baby steps that you are making. They may feel like you’ve only moved an inch closer to your goals, but keep in mind that it was an inch of ground that you hadn’t covered the day before. So stay persistent and keep making progress. You will get there and it may be in slower fashion than you would like it to be but if you remember, slow and steady wins the race. Be blessed and keep moving forward!


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5 thoughts on “Showing Up Can Be the Difference from Standing Still and Moving Forward”

  1. Great post. I think most writers feel there isn’t enough time to read as our precious hours are limited between our writing and doing life. I do my reading late at night, every night and still wish I had more hours for such pleasure.

    1. I try the reading late at night but I am usually so tired by the end of the night that I end up reading a page or two and wake up hours later with the light still on and the book somewhere on the floor. I try to read somewhere in between working on projects if I can’t do it in the morning. Still trying to figure out which times work better but I will get there. Thank you for your comments.

  2. Reading and writing go hand and hand. I find myself emulating my favorite authors at times, which is what I want. I read this from the perspective of a entrepreneur. Sometimes when i take a baby step I feel like it didn’t progress me to my parent’s welcoming arms. So I keep falling on my butt, waiting for them adult legs to come smh

    1. I loved how you put that! Falling on your butt waiting for the adult legs to come. I often feel that way when I only take baby steps towards my goal but those baby steps are at least a few steps ahead of where I was before taking them. We have to start celebrating those small steps because there are some that are not even taking the smaller steps to get to their goal. Thank you for your words, they are very much appreciated!

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