No Prayer Is Too Big

No Prayer too Big post

So I’ve been reading Joel Osteen’s “31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life” over the last couple of weeks and it has been an enlightening experience just to read and declare these bold promises and pray these even bolder prayers over my life and my journey. This past week in particular it felt vitally necessary for me to read them, and not just once, some of the declarations I had to read over several times just to let the words and the message seep into my brain.

I often times think that I can’t ask God for all the big things that I want in life because I think of so many other people that are far worse off then me, that need far more than I do, and that frankly may need God to do bigger things in their life than what I need. I don’t want to be selfish or too, for lack of a better word, greedy with my prayers. But then I think about the book of Genesis in the bible. Now I have some work to do when it comes to reading my bible and I admit I have not read the whole entire bible in it’s entirety and certainly not straight through but I have read the first few chapters of Genesis straight through.

When I think about all of the big, bold, and wonderful things in this world, in this universe that God has created and all of the beauty in this world that he gave us, all in different areas of the world, and all at the same time, it reminded me of just how big our God is. He can help a homeless person sitting on the streets of Los Angeles or Chicago and still come through on the prayers that I have for him, all at the same time. There is nothing too big for him.

In the words of my good friend, Ms. L that she spoke in her recent podcast episode (God, You Missed a Word), I have to will joy into my life. And that goes for anything that I want to invite into my life, I have to not only pray for it, and believe that it will be so, but I have to will it over my life as well. I trust my relationship with God and I trust the dream that he placed in my heart and I trust that he would not give me this vision and bring me this far just to have me be too afraid to pray for everything he has in his plan for me. If there’s nothing too big for him to do in our lives then there’s nothing too big for us to ask of him.

Jimmetta Carpenter




Making Declarations

just speak life

So hopefully everyone enjoyed their long Labor Day weekend. Yesterday didn’t particularly feel like the Tuesday that it was, but rather it felt like I was still in the Monday mode and for those of you who follow me and my patterns you know I don’t usually post on Monday’s. Having said that, I have been thinking today about the declarations that we make on and for our lives. How we don’t really realize the true power that our words hold, or better still, the power the lack of our words have as well.

I watched a Joel Osteen sermon a couple of Sunday’s ago and he spoke on declaring the destiny that we seek within our lives. You know we say our prayers and we get specific with the things that we pray for, and we put our faith in that prayer but sometimes what we forget to do is just to breathe life into those silent prayers that we make.

When God was creating the earth and all of the living creatures within it, he didn’t just silently pray and hope and believe that there would be light, he spoke the words “let there be light” and then it was done. We want things and we pray for them to come to fruition and we even say that we have faith that they will but we need to remember to just speak on those things as if they have already become a reality.

What we put out there as a reality will eventually, if it is truly meant to become our destination, become the reality that we are already proclaiming it to be. Don’t wait for things to keep going wrong and to get in the way of what you want, just speak it into existence and embrace everything that is working out in your favor.

Jimmetta Carpenter
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