NaNoWriMo Day # 23: Time to Get Back to Work

Okay Thanksgiving is over.  No more preparation.  No more (hopefully) out of town guests to keep occupied.  No more food to cook and leftover plates to fix.  There’s nothing left (hopefully) to clean up anymore.  Now it’s time to remind yourself of your commitment to your NaNoWriMo goals and get back in the chair and get back to your story and write.

Some of you might have taken some time off of writing the last couple of day and probably have to actually take some extra time to get back into the flow of your story.  Others might have written the last couple of days but don’t feel that it was up to your usual standards that you set for yourself.

No matter what the excuse is that you want to give yourself right now; you took too many days away from the novel, it just doesn’t flow the way it used to, or even you think that you’ve fallen too far behind on your word count; you have to banish those excuses right out of your head.

The goal is to finish NaNoWriMo with a first draft but the most important part of that goal (even if you don’t get 50,000 words by November 30th) is that you never stop trying.  So get your butt back in that chair and write and don’t give up.  Hang on in there.  You’re almost at that finish line.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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