Where Credit Is Due

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

~Mahatma Gandhi 

I am reminded every morning when I go to the gym to workout that I am a lot stronger than I think I am.  Each day when I do something else that I never thought that I could do or that I said that I would never even try, it reminds me that I sometimes don’t give myself enough credit.  A lot of us tend to do that in general during the course of our everyday lives.  We get it in our heads that we are only as good as the limits that we set for ourselves, not realizing that we often set the bar too low and don’t give ourselves nearly as much credit as we deserve.  

If we think about it, each time we reach an obstacle and find ourselves saying that we can’t handle anything else, not only do we surpass that obstacle but it builds us up stronger for the one that is sure to come after that.  They say that which doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, and while sometimes I find myself wanting to throw a certain finger up at whoever started that phrase, I find it to be very true.  My struggles have not only made me stronger but made me more ambitious and determined.  I feel that with each road block I face during the course of my journey I am made to be hungrier and more driven to reach my destination.  

Someone at the gym told me that I have been coming to the gym lately with a new drive and as if I was on a mission for the year 2012.  I am on a mission.  I plan on setting that bar increasingly higher for myself and raising my own expectations right along with it.  I am strong enough to achieve anything I desire despite the struggles I have to face along the way.  I am going to stop counting myself out before I even make it to the starting line and start giving myself the credit that I deserve.  Until tomorrow…Ask yourself if you are giving yourself enough credit? 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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