Fun For Your Friday—The Top 100 Movie Challenge

I read this blog post this morning by Nathan Bransford about his list that he had compiled of his top 100 movies that he’s ever seen.  Apparently it had taken him a while to put this list together and he was challenging anyone who read the post to compile their own list and share it with his readers.  It got me thinking about what it would take (for me personally) to put a movie on my list of top favorite movies.  Considering I don’t just like one certain type of movie it was interesting for me to see what I would deem worthy to put on this list.

Mostly I like movies that inspire me to think and to create, and I like a lot of suspense and drama (definitely suspense), I even like some action packed movies as well.  What I don’t like is scary movies and usually I don’t like sci-fi either (with the exception of a few sci-fi movies that actually made my list).  I thought it would be fun to not only share my list with Nathan and his readers, but with mine as well, and perhaps get you to thinking about the movies you watch and what would make you list a movie as one of your top favorites.  Now this list is in no particular order accept for the number one pick is actually my absolute favorite movie.

1.)    The Shawshank Redemption

2.)    It’s a Wonderful Life

3.)    Pretty Woman

4.)    Dirty Dancing

5.)    Entire Twilight Series

6.)    Entire Harry Potter Series

7.)    The Bone Collector

8.)    The Wizard of Oz

9.)    The Sound of Music

10.)The Pursuit of Happiness

11.)The Princess Diaries

12.)The Devil Wears Prada


14.)Alex Haley’s Queen

15.)The Women of Brewster Place

16.)Save the Last Dance

17.)Sex and the City (1 & 2)

18.)Miss Potter

19.)To Kill a Mockingbird

20.)Of Mice and Men

21.)A Few Good Men

22.)Men of Honor

23.)Losing Isaiah



26.)I can do bad all by myself

27.)Poetic Justice

28.)Enemy of the State

29.)Kiss the Girls

30.)Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

31.)Love Story

32.)Edward Scissorhands

33.)Cry Baby

34.)Coming to America

35.)America’s Sweethearts

36.)The Sixth Sense

37.)Don’t Say a Word

38.)The Lovely Bones

39.)I Am Sam

40.)The Secret Life of Bee’s

41.)The Parent Trap (the original one)

42.)Steel Magnolias

43.)Riding in Cars With Boys

44.)Little Women


46.)The Long Kiss Goodnight

47.)The Little Mermaid

48.)A Time to Kill

49.)The Negotiator

50.)Million Dollar Baby

51.)The Bodyguard

52.)Good Deeds

53.)For Colored Girls

54.)The Hours

55.)Uptown Girls

56.)Murder by Numbers


58.)Girl, Interrupted

59.)Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

60.)The Man in the Moon

61.)Lean on Me

62.)Set It Off

63.)Their Eyes Were Watching God

64.)Malcolm X

65.)Mary Poppins

66.)The Color Purple


68.)The Pelican Brief

69.)The Firm

70.)Panic Room

71.)Corina, Corina


73.)Sleeping with the Enemy

74.)Secret Window


76.)John Q

77.)Remember the Titans

78.)A Raisin in the Sun

79.)Sparkle (the original)

80.)Bridget Jones’ Diary

81.)Disappearing Acts

82.)The Lady and The Tramp

83.)Waiting To Exhale

84.)A League of Their Own

85.)Cast Away

86.)Dangerous Minds

87.)What’s Love Got to Do With It

88.)The Five Heartbeats

89.)The Jackson 5: An American Dream

90.)What Lies Beneath

91.)The Talented Mr. Ripley


93.)Little Shop of Horrors



96.)Where the Heart Is

97.)Cruel Intentions


99.)Daddy’s Little Girls

100.)White Oleander

Okay so that took a lot to come up with and some of those movies I hadn’t even thought of in years.  What movies are your favorite movies over the course of your whole life?  Hope you have as much fun reminiscing as I did when I was compiling this list.  Happy Friday everyone and have a great and wonderful weekend!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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NaNoWriMo Day # 13: Is the Excitement of NaNoWriMo Starting to Taper Off?

Hopefully you haven’t gotten to that point in your NaNoWriMo experience where the excitement of doing a first draft in 30 days has weaned and the everyday responsibilities of life have once again consumed you.  But if you have reached that point (although that doesn’t usually happen until after you’ve passed the middle of the month) and you are starting to get blocked or starting to procrastinate, perhaps you just need a little motivation to get you going again.

If you’re a music lover (and you can actually write to music—I usually would just end up singing instead of writing) then maybe you could start thinking of music to inspire you to write.  Perhaps you should give your book a soundtrack as if it were going to become a movie (who knows, maybe it will be) and think of the songs that would fit your book and its characters.  The music that might be playing in the background of a dramatic scene could push your story forward even further.

If you are more of a television person maybe watching a little T.V. can get those creative juices flowing again.  If you are writing a drama, perhaps watch a drama show, or if you’re writing something a little more comedic, then watch comedy.  Perhaps watching the style that you are currently writing in can give you ideas for scenes, or dialogue, or an interesting plot twist you can throw into your book.

You might even think about watching an inspiring movie that could give you more ideas for your book.  Perhaps watching a movie that resembles what you want your book to look like on film (not a carbon copy of course but a generalized idea) can give you more of an inspiration to finish what you started this month.  Movies are usually what gets my creative juices going again and gives me an overwhelming amount of new ideas (too many new ideas—usually before I’ve finished working on the old ones) and has me rushing back to my computer (or to my notebook).

If none of those things inspires you to keep writing then do something that does inspire you or do something that can help take the pressure off of you to finish the novel.  There’s nothing wrong with going out for a couple of hours, having some fun with friends or family, and releasing that tension or anxiety you are feeling about getting your novel done.  That may be just what you need to get back into the swing of things.  No matter what you find to inspire you to keep writing, just keep writing!


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”