Rest In Peace Whitney Houston

I didn’t really have anything prepared for today but then I heard the terrible news that singer Whitney Houston had died.  I was shocked as most all of you were and I am deeply saddened because the world lost a wonderfully talented woman whose music touched so many lives.  

I am sitting here listening to MSNBC and hearing them question everyone as to how they think she will be remembered because regardless of her beautiful voice, she was focused on and highlighted in the media for her multiple dramas and drug use.  I can only hope that in this time of loss that people will not dwell on her flaws and praise her many successes and her wonderful talents.  

I know how I will remember her.  I will remember how melodic and angelic her voice sounded and how there will more than likely never be another voice like that one.  I remember wanting to get my voice to sound just like hers because no other voice was that beautiful.  I will remember the times that I felt heartbroken and I felt as if nothing but Whitney Houston’s songs could get me through that time.  I will remember that Whitney Houston was not perfect, but that just like anyone else who has fallen down onto hard times, she got back up and she kept on going.  

I will pray for her family and her friends and I hope that Whitney Houston can now Rest In Peace. 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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