Hidden on Purpose

“The greatest thing about being hidden is that you can be underestimated.”

~Tyler Perry 

I admit that I am guilty of watching (probably what most writers would consider) way too much T.V.  I am a soap opera junky and I love movies (mostly suspense and drama), and yes I love my drama TV shows as well, such as Law and Order SVU and Unforgettable and many others.  I know the saying is that if you want to carve out more time to write and be an all around better writer then you need to cut out the unnecessary time wasters, which most would (arguably) consider television to be one of them.  But I have my reasons for watching so much television.  

I watch it not so much for the entertainment value (okay I will admit soap operas are entertaining to me) but from the standpoint of a writer.  I watch with the knowledge that I would love to write for a lot of these shows and quite frankly in terms of soap operas I think that being a lifetime watcher of a lot of them I would be a great asset as a writer because they change writers so often I think that the new writers don’t research the show and its history very well.  Some of the inconsistencies are really just ridiculous.  

I sit back and look at some of these shows and movies thinking I could write stuff like that, hell I can write some things better than that.  And then I find myself being a tad bit (okay maybe a lot) envious.  I wonder, why is my talent going unnoticed?  Why are there so-called writers (you know the ones, those with good story but bad writing technique) who are making millions of dollars off a book, and then movie when I not only have good stories but I can actually convey them well in written form.  Why am I going unnoticed? 

Every time I get this feeling of envy (which I know that it is wrong to be even somewhat envious of others successes) I remind myself of something I came across on Tyler Perry’s website in his inspirational corner.  He does these motivational segments via video and sends out emails of them every so often.  There was one particular video segment that made me see things a little differently.  He spoke about a friend of his who also wondered why his talents and his hard work continued to go unnoticed and he couldn’t seem to get to where he was trying to get to.  That he would get close but then it just wouldn’t pan out somehow.  

Tyler’s words of wisdom to his friend, was that maybe he was being hidden on purpose.  He told him that it just wasn’t his time to be seen yet.  He said “sometimes in life, God wants your story to be such a miracle that she shuts down every avenue, so that you can only go to him for the answer.”  He pointed out that there is an appointed time for everything and that everything that is supposed to happen in your life will happen.  

The best thing that he said that really stuck with me was that “if you walk in the path that you are supposed to at this point in time, then at the right time, God will reveal you, your talents, and everything you’ve done to the world.”  So when I am sitting back and wondering what all of my hard work and good writing is for when it continues to go unnoticed, I just have to keep thinking to myself, it’s not my time to be seen yet. 

I am going to continue to walk in the path in which I am supposed to walk, carrying out the purpose that God put me on this earth for, knowing that when God feels it is my time to be seen then I will shine the brightest that I could ever possibly shine.  Of course I have to keep reminding myself of this constantly when I am feeling a little envious of those writers who are already where I feel I should be right now.  I suppose I should just feel pure joy for those who are shining and being seen right now because they are paving the way for me to be seen when it is my time and when it is my time I will certainly be ready.  Until tomorrow…Get ready, your time is coming too! 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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4 thoughts on “Hidden on Purpose”

  1. I love this post. Hope you don’t mind but I am sharing it if for no one but myself. God’s timing is amazing. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad you liked this post Lauri and I certainly don’t mind you sharing it. I think God’s timing is truly amazing and he always knows what we need and when we need it even if we don’t see it yet. Thank you for commenting and have a blessed day!

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