Tired of the Uneventful Weekends

Today has been uneventful and I suppose that could be a good thing except for people (like me) who find themselves saying that way too often.  The weekends (at least) are supposed to be eventful and full of choices and endless opportunities of things to do and people to socialize with, and hobbies to get lost in.  However, because I seem to be in a current state of having to rob Peter to pay Paul and having Peter begging for his money back I find that my options of weekend fun, both for me and my daughter, are extremely limited right now.  She wants to go skating and bowling and do all of these fun things that cost more money than I have at the moment (that is, if I actually want to keep the lights on) and I hate having to tell her that we just don’t have the money right now.  It is my hope that in the very (very) near future I will have many eventful weekends with so much fun and excitement packed into it and that they will give me many experiences to share with you all.  In fact, because I know that 2012 holds bigger and better things for me, it is only a matter of time before my weekends (and some days thrown in during the week would be nice) will be nothing but adventurous and life changing.  Well I am go catch up on some reading (again, uneventful) because I am really behind.  Until tomorrow…Fill your life with adventurous moments because you only live once! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

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2 thoughts on “Tired of the Uneventful Weekends”

  1. We have a hard time sitting still on the weekends too. And when working on a budget, it’s easy to go over budget. So we started getting creative with our weekends. Picnics are fun to have and cost no money and if it is too cold then have one inside. Also we check out the travel site for Oklahoma, and look up the latest festivals and events. Also most museums and zoos have free days, like right now our zoo is free every Monday in January and February. We also we start planning for the weekend events around Christmas. Our family used to spend lots of money on useless gifts that we would end up throwing away. So we asked them one year to get us one gift that would keep on giving and they now get us a zoo yearly membership. And for Christmas this year we got a family membership to the local YMCA. Now momma and baby can go to the pool anytime! Our YMCA also has scholarships for families that can’t afford regular fare. I hope this helps, when on a budget just get creative. If you can tell me your daughters age I probably can find more ideas for a fun weekend. One last thing, our family has trouble with not eating out on the weekends. So to have more fun at eating at home, we try and make a fun thing for dinner. Like on Friday nights we make our own homemade pizza. Happy budgeting!

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