Looking for Inspirational Surroundings

I am sitting in the corner of my room that is designated as ‘my office’ and looking at my empty bulletin board and I am not feeling inspired at the moment.  I run into this problem at the beginning of every year.  I want to put new and inspiring things up on my bulletin board but I don’t quite know what to put up there.  I have some pictures up surrounding the bulletin board but I’m thinking about changing them.  I am trying not to let the lack of inspiration in front of my desk stop me from being productive but it is easier said than done.  

I had a battle with procrastination today and I think that procrastination may have won this one.  I think that I am going to take a little time this evening to finally fill my bulletin board and the walls around my desk area full of inspiration and try again tomorrow to be my most productive self.  I guess every day can’t always be a good writing day.  Until tomorrow…What inspiration is surrounding you in your office?


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

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1 thought on “Looking for Inspirational Surroundings”

  1. I don’t have an office, but what motivates me is my daughter. Motivating me to be a better person and to write down what God tells me to write. I hope that you find motivation in what ever way you can.

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