Slow Progression

It is coming up on the third week of January and I already feel like I am so behind on my action plan to accomplish my goals this year.  Yes I know that it is only week 3 of a new year and I have the whole year ahead of me.  But in case you’re not aware of it, that time will fly by without you even realizing it.  I suppose that the important thing is that I acknowledge I can be doing better and I put forth the effort to continually make progress. 

I know that next week will be a challenge because I am finally going to get around to getting started on sending out at least one of the four query letters that I set out to send on a monthly basis (I might increase that number later on in the year).  Also I plan on getting back to the novel that I worked on during National Novel Writing month which I took a longer than unexpected break from.  Not to mention that I have a Magazine to finish putting together for its debut.  

With all of that said I am going to go read now because to be a better writer I also have to become an even more avid reader.  I know that I’ve got to get moving on my goal list (because it is quite long) but I am just glad that I haven’t completely stalled.  I am making progress, even if it is a slow progression, it is progress nonetheless.  Until tomorrow…What counts is that you make progress, not how quickly the progress is made.  


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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