10 Commandments of a Successful Writer

Today I started thinking of things that I could do to be a better, more successful writer.  Things that I am not already doing or that I am not doing enough of.  I began thinking if there were Ten Commandments for a writer what would they be.  So I compiled a list of some things that I think should be a commandment for a writer to follow, at least one that wants to be successful at it. 

  1. Write Every Day (No Matter What!)
  2. Start a blog and blog frequently, if not everyday
  3. Make your presence known on the internet.  If you don’t have one already, get a Facebook page, a Twiiter account, and a LinkedIn account.
  4. Maintain your presence on the internet by committing yourself to social networking daily
  5. Read about the Business of writing and your craft.  You can never know too much about what it is you love to do
  6. Trust your talent and your skill.  If you don’t believe in your talent, who else will
  7. Get a thick skin because there will be rejection letters, probably more than you would ever like to see, but you have to keep believing in your talent.
  8. Read consistently.  You have to be a great reader to be an even better writer.
  9. Network with other artists, not just writers
  10. Start calling yourself a writer to the rest of the world because you are one. 

Well the list probably isn’t perfect but those are definitely some things that I know that I need to work on to become a better and more successful writer.  What would you guys add to this list or better yet, what would your list read?  Until tomorrow…Always strive to be a better writer than you were yesterday! 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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