Letting Go of an Unwanted Label

Ms. L did a blog series last week about the labels that we, as a society, place on ourselves.  It seemed as if almost all of them applied to me in some way, shape, or form, but the one that really screamed out to me was broke.  She and I talked in depth about this particular label because I tend to have to cry broke almost every other week (on a bad month it might be every week).  

It seems as if when the money does come in the bills and whatever my daughter needs at any given moment eats it all up.  It occurred to me when reading Ms. L’s post that if I keep putting it out there that I am broke, that quite possibly may be the reason that I remain that way.  It is said that you attract whatever energy you put out and if that is in fact true then putting out the energy of always being broke would only attract more instances of being broke.  

I joke all of the time about wishing that I was lucky enough to win the lottery but the funny thing is I would have to actually play the lottery in order to win it.  I shy away from the practice of playing the lottery only because I don’t want to end up being even more broke than I already am.  But I never consider the odds of me actually winning the lottery.  I never even put off that energy.  

If I keep holding on to that title of being broke or thinking that I am not lucky enough to achieve something having never even given it a try then it is no wonder the label of being broke is holding on to me.  From now on I am just going to say that I am temporarily out of cash (T.O.C.) because that’s all it really is.  I am not broke because in a lot of ways I am richer in certain areas that don’t even involve having money.  That is one label I am more than happy to shed.  Until tomorrow…What label would you let go of? 

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3 thoughts on “Letting Go of an Unwanted Label”

  1. don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!

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