Seeing Yourself Through Someone Else’s Eyes

“Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.”

~Ellen DeGeneres 

It is really nice when you have someone that believes in you enough for the both of you.  I discovered that I had someone else in my corner today, someone that’s always been in my corner but I guess I just didn’t really see it.  My friend (we’ll just call him Mr. C.) was very motivating for me today.  He spoke about me and my dreams the way that I had expressed them to him and made me reenergized about them again.  I was starting to believe that it was just too late for me to take my brand and my name and become the success that I had always dreamed of being.  Today when I saw myself through his eyes, the way he said he saw things, I felt like I had already accomplished so much.  

He reminded me of all of the plans that I had laid out to him around the time that we first met and pinpointed all of the goals that I had actually managed to accomplish thus far.  I don’t really know why I hadn’t realized that I am not exactly at the starting point, but rather somewhere ahead of the halfway point.  I know that Ms. L. is going to read this and say ‘I told you all of that stuff already’ and it’s not that I didn’t hear her but hearing it from someone who I didn’t realize was paying attention somehow has a different affect.  I knew that Mr. C. had confidence in me and that he thought I was capable of many things, but I never saw just how fiercely he believed in me.  

It’s always interesting to see yourself through someone else’s eyes because a lot of the times you find that you are only seeing what hasn’t been done when they are looking at the bigger picture.  They are looking at what your goals were to begin with, and what strides you have already made towards those goals, and they see the potential of you finishing those goals.  I don’t know why it sometimes seems so hard for me to look at myself and my life the way that others seem to see it but I am starting to get the message now. 

If I keep stopping at every bench mark on my roadmap of success and picking apart everything that I had already done and diminishing it into being nothing then that’s what it will amount to, nothing.  Holding up someone else’s mirror to your life is very revealing and meaningful because you can’t always see what someone else sees.  Sometimes it takes the vision of someone else to make clear to you that you are on the right path.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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