Is It Really Worth Taking the Leap?

“Man cannot discover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore.”

So last week I sent off for some more of my books.  I couldn’t get that many because, well, I just don’t have the cash flow right now to get a whole case load, but I got a few that I could sell to make some more ‘seed’ money.  However, there are at least three books that I had planned on setting aside to send to three very important people (to me), Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, and Zane.  

Now I know what some people would think as they are reading this, ‘why send it to people who might never actually read it?’  It’s the same thing I was thinking at first but someone advised me that I never know whether they would read it or not, or whether someone on their staff would read it and like it enough to do things with it that I can’t do with it, not yet anyway.  So I was anxiously waiting for my books and today they came (earlier then expected) and now I sit here rethinking whether I should send it to those three important people or not.  

What if my book just sits in some pile of what they deem to be junk mail or ordinary fan mail and never gets looked at?  What if they look at it and just toss it away in the trash somewhere?  I mean who am I to them that they would find any interest in my book?  What would they find so special about my book that they would pay attention to it?  But then I am reminded of what I posted yesterday and what I am trying to put into a more consistent practice.   

I have to step out on faith and believe in myself to know that not only am I good enough but my book is too, so why wouldn’t they want to pay attention to it.  I said that this stepping out on faith thing was going to take me some time to actually do without questioning it.  But then there are the questions that are going to pop into my head if I don’t send them off.  What if they were to get my book, and read it, and love it?  What if I would be passing up an opportunity that God is placing on my path?  I guess I won’t find out exactly what would happen with my giant leap of faith if I never take that leap. 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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2 thoughts on “Is It Really Worth Taking the Leap?”

  1. I sent my book, The Cancer Prayer Book, to Robin Roberts, Sharon Orsborne,and one other famous person- all of those have had cancer. So far I have received one autographed photo of Sharon. I took the leap, I can only hope it will bless someone maybe down the road. I wasn’t expecting a guest spot on the show, I would have liked a comment back that they thought the book would have been of comfort when they were going through treatments. But it wasn’t meant to be.
    So take the leap, it can’t hurt.

    1. Thank you for that reassurance that I should take that leap. You are right when you say that it can’t hurt because if the most I get from any of those three people is an autographed photo I would be happy and take that as a sign that they received my book and even if they didn’t read it yet, it is in their possession. I think you were very brave in taking that leap and I plan on being just as brave. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

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