Spring Cleaning for Creativity’s Sake

Ms. L.’s post yesterday reminded me that it’s that time of year again.  You know, the time when everyone starts to begin thinking about all of the spring cleaning they have to do.  I am really big on getting into the whole spring cleaning vibe and going through and tossing out old clothes, doing a big clean up around the house that involves not only mopping all floors but also wiping down all surfaces until they are spotless, and tackling the re-organizing my tiny little corner of an office in my room.  But spring cleaning should not stop after the household messes that we have been putting off for just such a time for mass clean-up are actually done.  

For us creative types spring cleaning doesn’t just end at the household, but it transcends to spring cleaning your mind, your spirit, and your body, in an effort to spark your creativity and become even more productive.  For me, there are three things that affect my creativity in a negative way; if my house is a mess, if my body isn’t feeling its best, and if my mind is cluttered with conflicting and contradicting thoughts.  

I feel like it’s not just my house that I have to get in order (as far as cleaning), but that I need to amplify my efforts on maintaining good healthy habits (helps with the stress), and most of all I need to really get my head in the right frame of mind and focused on what’s important and what needs to be done.  As you all know I am really concentrating on getting that fire back about my writing goals and making the things happen that I want to happen.  Hopefully spring cleaning on all fronts will help me do that.  


Jimmetta Carpenter


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