Visualizing You Are Already Where You Want To Be

“Attract what you want by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

~Neville Goddard 

I was watching Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS last night and his program, Wishes Fulfilled.  I got a lot out of the three hour motivational program (and dvr’d it so that I can go back and get more out of it later).  He said things that I in some ways already knew and realized but sometimes hearing them from someone else, from another perspective, changes the way you receive the information.  When his program opens he has a statement on the projector screen for the viewing audience that states “If you would like to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself.”  Makes sense right?  

I know that if you succumb to the negativity that builds up around you, you are going to eventually project that same negativity into every facet of your life.  This week is about me getting my fire back that I once had and somehow lost.  It’s also about getting back to that person who didn’t always let the negativity surrounding her overtake her.  It’s about getting rid of that mentality of being so fearful of everything that she never enjoys what good could be happening in the present moment. 

I thought that I would be in a certain place at this point of my life and because I’m not there yet I’m doubting every decision I make, every decision I don’t make, every opportunity that I take, and especially the ones that I don’t take.  People always say to go with your gut when making crucial life decisions, but lately I’ve realized that my gut instincts aren’t what they once were because of that damn fear.  It’s keeping me from seeing myself in the state that I want to be in and I know that if I don’t begin to see myself in that place, I might never get to that place.  

Dr. Wayne Dyer said that people who say that they will believe something when they see it have it all wrong.  He said that you will only see it when you believe it, and he’s right.  I mean after all, if you can’t believe in and see it for yourself then how is anyone else going to be able to see it?  

So instead of continuing to wish that I was more of a success, and agonizing over why I’m not, I need to act as if I am at the level of success that I want to be at.  I should imagine that I am already in that place where my company is not only up and running, but it’s going strong.  I can see it now!  


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