The Superficial World We Live In

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” 


Can you imagine living without money?  I mean without one penny to your name?  No roof over your head.  No food aside from what people willingly give you or you can find in the garbage.  I’m talking about back to the living off the land days where you’re picking berries and boiling dead animals for food (that is if no one gives you any).  Better yet can you imagine living this way and being completely happy about it?  

Well I came across a story on the internet about a 51 year old man named Daniel Suelo who claims that not only is he broke, but happily, deliberately, and blessedly broke.  I clicked on it because just the thought of it sounded completely insane to me but in reading it I can see the validity of his choice.   

Having said that, I can not say that I would make a conscious choice to just give up what little money I do have to my name and go roughing it in the wilderness somewhere (if you know me at all, you know I’m not the outdoor type—not even a little bit).  However, I understand his position.  

The world, especially in recent generations, is so overly consumed with things and what they can possess and acquire.  It’s so bad sometimes that you start to wonder just what lengths people would go to, and how many people they would walk over, just to get their hands on something incredibly superficial.  People concern themselves so much with the latest ipad (or whatever new piece of technology is out), or how many cars they have, or having the flashiest car, or the biggest home.  

But yet we have a huge problem with children in this country and others literally starving to death, schools that don’t have adequate materials to teach our children to the best of their abilities, teenage girls who think it’s cute and fun to have a baby at the ripe age of sixteen or seventeen (sometimes younger than that).  It makes me wonder where our priorities are and does this Daniel Suelo have the right idea (or at least the right intentions).  

I may not have some prestigious career (at least not until I make the NY Times Bestseller’s List) and I may not be raking in money hand over fist like a lot of people but I guess when I really think about it, my blessings are worth far more than material possessions.  I think there is really something to the saying that the more money that we have, the more problems we see because I think it makes people focus even more so on possessing things they don’t even need.  

Maybe we do need to get back to the basics and see the blessings in the simple things, the most treasured things that some people would die to have.  There are children in other countries who can’t even get an education and we take ours for granted.  There are families starving and homeless yet the majority of this country just focuses on how much bigger house they can get for their money, or how fancier their car can be, or eating the most expensive kinds of food, instead of being grateful that they even have a house and a car, and food to eat.  

Now I’m not in any way saying that we should just chuck it all and purposely live in the state of poverty because God only knows that I couldn’t go that simple.  However, maybe we should take a look at what it is we truly have and are blessed with before complaining about things that we don’t truly need.  Maybe the world would be a lot less superficial if we just remembered how good we had it even when we only had the basics.  Sometimes less really is more. 


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”


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