If You Don’t Dream Big You Might As Well Not Dream At All

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” 

~Lawrence J. Peter 

I was reading a blog post by one of the bloggers I subscribe to today (Chersti Nieveen) about daring to dream.  She spoke about a conversation she had with one of her critique friends about allowing yourself to believe whatever you want for five minutes, and then accept the reality of the situation.  Basically allow yourself to dream big, as big as you wish, for five minutes, and then focus on what your reality is.  

At first I was a little confused because it seemed like if you thought about everything you wanted for yourself and then you jolted yourself back to a reality that makes those dreams seem impossible then it would feel like a big let down.  However, after thinking about her post for a while I think I realized what it was that she was trying to advise to her readers.  

If you allow yourself to imagine all that you dream to have for your life, all the things that people will tell you are just not possible, and then tune back into the reality of where things stand, it can give you some focus on what needs to be done to make those visions you had for those five minutes become a reality.  

When I took five minutes to think about what I dream of (to be honest I probably would need a little more than five minutes) it included many things but the main things are to sustain a living solely from my writing, to publish more novels, to have my articles start to appear in national magazines and newspapers, and to start my online magazine (Write 2 Be Magazine).  Allowing myself to dream of the those things as if they were already in existence gave me a clearer focus on how to better go about attaining those things.  

Sometimes I forget that it is okay to let myself think about the big bold dreams that I have for myself.  The one’s that for so long seem so impossible to ever reach.  It’s not crazy to think that you could actually make those dreams come true.  It’s not that far fetched is it?  After all, how can you ever really go after what it is you want without really admitting to yourself all of what it is that you want.  Knowing where you want to end up only enables you to focus on the path you need to take to get there.   


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