Riding Around On a Near Empty Tank

I was reading an article on the Freelance Writer’s Den website that is supposed to help struggling freelance writers figure out how to better market themselves and their business.  There are a total of 21 marketing tips and I have decided to take one at a time and kind of marinate on them and really take them in and process them.  The first one is of course that you have to believe in your product, in this case, me.  

It commented on the obvious fears that freelance writers, or writers in general, experience as they try to build their business and get them off the ground good, especially the one’s that are struggling to even get the wheels of the plane up.  It gave a couple of suggestions about how to fill up your positive-feelings tank and I thought that was a good and interesting way to look at it.  

If my confidence this week were a gas tank I would be really close to empty right now and I have to work on filling that tank up and keeping it damn near full all the time (if not always full).  The list that the article gave on how to re-build your confidence and positive feelings about yourself included many things but the things that stuck out to me were to avoid negative and toxic people and surround yourself with people who think you are great, flipping through your portfolio of work to remind yourself how good you are, and to list your strengths as a writer.  

Now I am working on making sure I surround myself with positive energy and people that exude that, and I have occasionally flipped through my portfolio of work and was astonished at some of the things that I have produced, but one thing that I have never done is make a list of my strengths as a writer and as a person.  Perhaps I will try that this weekend and perhaps that will help to fill my positive-feelings tank (or as I like to refer to it as my confidence tank) up to its highest capacity.  

It’s not that I don’t believe that I am a good writer (most of the time) and that I was meant to communicate with my words.  It’s that I worry way too much about whether everyone else will agree and my confidence as far as other people finding my writing great is wavering, a lot.  I still haven’t worked through all of my fears but I know that I’m going to get there.  


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