Even When the Bad Days Outweigh the Good

So it’s not starting off being a good week and I am feeling almost completely defeated.  But notice I said that I almost.  The bad days that I’m having are really starting to overshadow any of the good one’s I manage to have.  But I can not throw in the towel because that would be too easy.  To let everything that I’ve been working towards and struggling to achieve fall by the waist-side all because I can’t see the finished product ahead of time would be quite possibly the biggest mistake that I could ever make.  

I have a deadline for a goal I set at the beginning of this year and I haven’t spoken about it much lately because several times I have almost placed it on the back burner and wanted to just give up on the idea altogether but it is not in me to just give up.  I said that I was going to launch the Write 2 Be Online Magazine in January of 2013 and that is what I am going to do.  

I’ve been working on this magazine and putting it together little by little (both in my mind and on paper) and I have taken my time with it so that when I launch it I can be proud of it.  This, for me, could be the start of things heading in the right direction (or at least a better direction then I’ve been heading) and I really want to honor what my heart and my gut is telling me to do.  I just have to work really hard at not letting those bad days get the better of me.  

I am still looking for contributors if anyone who reads this is interested and you can check back on this site under the Write 2 Be Magazine tab for periodic updated information.          


Jimmetta Carpenter


The Diary: Succession of Lies (Now Available)

Writing as “Jaycee Durant”







1 thought on “Even When the Bad Days Outweigh the Good”

  1. Good for you!! It’s tough to start anything new. I know what you mean about goals, though. I had plans to finish a good draft of my novel by the end of this year, and I doubt that will happen. I have a lot of work ahead. And it’s very depressing.

    So here’s to everyone taking every step they can to move forward!!

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