Opportunity in Chaos

“You will not be challenged in your convenience you will be challenged in your chaos”

~ Bishop T.D. Jakes

The other evening I was home, at a moment that I would not have ordinarily been home.  My daughter wasn’t feeling well and even though we were supposed to be going skating, as we do every Sunday, at the last moment she decided that we should stay home.  I for one had some homework to finish so I wasn’t full of disappointment.  Needless to say, I think that God had somehow orchestrated this turn of events from what had become my normal because he needed me to sit down and hear a message that I believe he’s been trying to give me, but that I was too hard-headed to listen to.

So there I sat, trying to do my homework, flipping through the channels on the TV for something that could provide some background noise but that wouldn’t distract me from what I needed to do.  I came across a program on a channel that showed religious programs and there was Bishop T.D. Jakes discussing opportunities that are given even in your chaos.  Now the program was halfway over but I believe that I turned to the channel at the precise moment that I needed to turn to it so that I could hear exactly what God needed for me to hear.  In fact just as I turned to it he was saying that it is the insecurity of the times that defines who you really are.  That caught my attention.

He went on to discuss about how in a moment of chaos, God will send you an opportunity.  In a moment where you are counting up how many mistakes you have made, there will be a turning point in which you can choose to stand up, make the u-turn on the path that you are on, and get yourself back on track.  There will be an opportunity where you will be given to get things right.

Perhaps the most hard-hitting thing that Bishop T.D. Jakes said in his message was that, in general, we keep telling God what you don’t have, from friends, a husband, or even the degree you feel is necessary, that we keep missing the moment for that opportunity to happen.  He stated that “the devil’s got you counting up what you don’t have when you ought to be looking at what you do have.  What you do have is an opportunity.  God is setting you up to completely turn your life around.”

Immediately I called my best friend, Ms. L.  She knew how important this message was to me because it’s the same one that I’m sure God was sending her to tell me so many times before that I was just too depressed to hear.  I was just in such a bad place about where things stood in my life and about the “chaos” that seemed to be surrounding me.  Nothing seemed to be going the way that I thought it should’ve been going.  But I don’t think that the cloud that I was under was allowing me to see the opportunity that was right there this whole time.

In fact it was because of Ms. L. that I finally felt that cloud lift.  It was her that pointed out that my brand for Write 2 Be wasn’t as clearly defined as I thought it was.  It was her that helped me put into better words what my brand really stands for (yes writers can benefit from the help of other writers).  I suppose in a way I was listening to the message that God was sending through her, but I just missed a large and necessary portion of it.  Ms. L. has told me before to stop counting up the things that are going against me, to stop checking off all of the things I didn’t have in my favor, and to focus my energy and time and attention on the things that I do have going for me, the things that are being placed in my path, and in my favor.  I just didn’t hear it before.

So hear me when I tell whoever it is out there, that person who is sitting there with those thoughts of everything that they can’t do, and all of the decks of cards that are stacked against you, there is, in the midst of all of that, an opportunity that you have not chosen to take yet.  No matter what chaos you think you are in, you are being handed an opportunity, you just have to choose to take it.

Be whoever it is that you feel you have… the Write 2 Be!

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