What’s It Going to Take to Become a Media Mogul

I’ve been thinking a lot over this past weekend about what it’s going to take to become the media mogul that I have always dreamed of being.  I know that it’s not going to be a piece of cake and frankly in the cases of most people it probably would have already happened by now.  Perhaps if I hadn’t spent so much time standing in my own way I’d already be halfway to that point by now.

But nevertheless, I am not there yet.  Largely due to the fact that I spent most of this year (a lot of years really) telling myself and convincing myself that I had took too long, and I had let too many opportunities pass me be, or that I didn’t have what it takes like Oprah or Tyler Perry and other impressive moguls (some still in the making) have, and that for those reasons it was just too late for me.  Ever since I heard that message that I watched by Bishop T.D. Jakes about opportunities presenting themselves in chaos and about not counting up all of the things that I didn’t have or that I couldn’t do instead of relying on what I do have, I have shifted my focus into a different place.

I plan on taking this year and focusing on the things I can control and the things and more importantly the opportunities that I do have.  There’s a reason why people say that it is never too late to accomplish your dream and I am going to stop telling myself that it is too late.  Of course I have a lot of ground to make up for and a lot of hard work to do but I have also realized something else.  I have to start paying closer attention to those media moguls that have essentially paved the way and laid the ground work for those that will come behind them (I will be one of those people).

So this week I wanted to share with all of you some of the media moguls (and one’s in the making) that I admire and some lessons that I’ve taken away from them that can help propel the next generation of media moguls to come.  Tomorrow I will share with you what I admire most about Tyler Perry and the lessons from his journey.

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