Lessons to Be Learned From a Media Mogul—Tyler Perry

In reading about Tyler Perry’s journey; both his struggles and humble beginnings, as well as his rise to success and his eventual triumph; I can always point out a lesson that he has learned along his road to success that I can apply to what I am currently going through now.  Some of the things that I have learned from reading and just watching his journey are things and words that were never spoken to me growing up.

They are things that I have been struggling to comprehend for a long time now.  They are things that are finally starting to sink in and I am realizing that these are things that will help propel me to where it is that I want to be, and where it is that I need to be.  So I wanted to share with you a few lessons that I have learned from observing Tyler Perry that could help steer you on a more sturdy road to success.

1)      Don’t Let Anybody Define You— People have hated on Tyler Perry since he became a success.  They’ve tried to tear him down, say what they think he should be doing.  Even some people in the industry still don’t take him seriously enough just because he started off in the comedy arena.  None of that matters to him.  He has never tried to be anything that other people wanted him to be.  He has never tried to be anyone other than himself.  And look at where you can go just defining your own identity instead of letting others define it for you.

2)      Guard Your Heart—When Tyler Perry speaks of guarding your heart he isn’t talking about heartbreak (like I initially thought).  He is speaking of keeping your heart in tact when others continue to try and change you.  On your road to success people are going to do cruel and unforgivable things to you, things that you never thought they would do.  Guarding your heart is going to keep you from allowing those cruelties and those unforgivable things to change your heart and turn you into someone that you are not.

3)      Never let the word NO stop you from succeeding anyway—Tyler Perry’s first play that he wrote in 1992 and took his whole life savings to produce and put on was not well received and it placed him back into the poverty that he dealt with in his childhood.  He spent months sleeping in seedy motels and eventually in his car.  He never let the No’s keep him from powering through the rough times and eventually someone said Yes!  The rest is history.

4)      Don’t let the bad that’s in your past hold you back from receiving the good that is in your future—Tyler Perry had an abusive and poverty stricken childhood that could’ve made him shut down and give up.  He took his painful and hurtful past and let it be the fuel that drove him to succeed and to make his life better.  He refused to let his past hold him back from all of the blessings that he was due in his future.

5)      Never question what God has in store for you—No matter what hard times he faced and no matter how bad it got, Tyler Perry didn’t just maintain a strong belief in himself and his talent, but he maintained his faith that he had in God and what God had planned for him.  He maintained his desire to fulfill the purpose that God had given him in life.

I know that they say success is all in who you know, and I do believe that to an extent.  However, in observing some of these powerful media moguls and seeing what lessons they have to teach along the way, that may be an over-exaggerated phrase that everyone just would like to be true.  I mean it’s a good excuse to use for why you’re not where you want to be right?  You don’t know anyone so that’s why you’re not where you want to be.  It’s the excuse I’ve been using for quite a while now.

It’s more about knowing yourself and knowing what your purpose is and never questioning it.  It’s about not letting other people’s ideals for you turn you against what you know is right for you.  It doesn’t help to know all the right people, if all they’re going to do is tell you all of the wrong things and lead you down the wrong path.  You are your best bet to get where it is that you desire to be.

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