The Artist That I Am Not

I have a secret wish.  I have always, in one way or another, wanted to be able to create visually stunning art.  Whether it would’ve been paintings, or drawings, or photography, or even graphic designs; anything that had to do with creating something that was visually stunning.

I always thought that is would be the perfect combination to add to my writing.  I could create my own covers after creating a wonderful story for everyone to engage themselves in and someday if I wanted to write children’s books then I could be the writer and the artist, sort of like a one stop shop.

Unfortunately while I was blessed with many creative talents to tap into (writing, singing, playing an instrument), drawing, painting, or taking a halfway decent picture was just not among those talents.  I have often thought about learning how to draw but every attempt (my sister, who is able to draw beautifully, tried to teach me a couple of times) at actually trying just proved to be pointless and a waste of the talents that I actually do have.

I don’t typically think about the type of artist that I am not but every now and then, I’ll see some beautiful painting or someone drawing something that is just extraordinarily beautiful and I’ll wish for just a few moments that I could create something like that.  It was just never meant for me to be visually artistic but for those of you who are, I admire you so much.  Don’t take the art that you create for granted and be proud of the visions that you are able to translate for the rest of the world to see.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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