If Life Were But A Dream

Today I got to thinking about all of the things that I would do if money was not a road block that was standing in my way.  For instance, if I had the available amount of money necessary I would be with my best friend Ms. L. (who just sent me a picture of herself meeting Judge Joe Brown) at a Conference in Miami right now.  I would be able to write down in my calendar all of the other conferences that I would like to attend this year, two of which are in New York, one that is in L.A., and another that happens to be in London, and I would be able to book rooms at the most prominent hotels in which I might run into people who were necessary for me to network with.

I would actually probably already be living in some condo in Manhattan and I finally wouldn’t have to worry about the monthly mortgage.  I could have already taken my trip to Europe by now and have a first hand knowledge of what it is like to dine in ParisFrance, or in RomeItaly, or in London.  I would already have been able to start my research for my historical fiction novel by my extensive trips taken to Germany and visiting all of the important landmarks that were important to the history of World War II.

If money were not a hindrance I certainly would have a car that is paid for so I don’t have that dreaded feeling of worrying about whether the car note is going to get paid on time this month, or at all.  I would have some of the best artwork from some of the world’s most famous artists hanging in the walls of my home as well as floor to ceiling handcrafted bookshelves in a separate room that I have made into my own personal library.

I know that we are supposed to not let the little things stand in the way of getting what we want and reaching our destination and as many times as I have seen people who struggle just like me with money accomplish what seems impossible, lack of money is not one of those little things that you can just bypass.  I read countless stories about how successful writers have gotten to where they are regardless of their lack of money and I am a tad bit envious.  As many times as I have managed to string together my own share of miraculous feats without two nickels to rub together, those miracles still haven’t gotten me to my goal yet.  All I keep seeing every time there is something that I need to accomplish for my business and for my writing career is the money that I don’t have staring me right in the face, day in and day out.

I try not to let it get me down most days and I certainly try not to let that discourage me from continuing to push and move forward but some days it gets a little daunting.  Nevertheless, I will not give up, that’s just not in my nature.  However, every now and then I have to get my frustrations out and not let them fester in my mind because I have learned from experience that that just isn’t a good thing to do.

The reality is that money is a huge issue in a lot of the goals that I want to accomplish but as it comes my way (little by very little) I try to put as much of it as I can afford to spare towards my dreams and it gets me a little closer to my destination.  I know I can’t be the only person who feels this way so I just wanted to share so that anyone else out there who is feeling the frustrations that lack of money sometimes make us feel knows that they are definitely not alone.  Just keep moving forward!


Jimmetta Carpenter


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