How Do I Get this Thing Off of Repeat?

We sometimes tend to get into cycles that are not good for us to be in and they often seem to be a cycle that we subconsciously repeat.  I have many cycles that I personally would like to never repeat again but today I started to notice a professional cycle beginning to repeat itself and it is one that has been on repeat for quite some time now and I am working my hardest to not hit the repeat button again.

I have this cycle with my writing (as I touched on briefly in yesterday’s post) where I get excited about my projects to the point where I can’t stop talking about it (and drive my friends crazy with these characters who are not real to them).  Then I get stuck on how to miraculously work on all of my projects at precisely the same time (yes I tend to be drawn to the impossible).  And when that doesn’t happen the way that I want to I just stop producing altogether.

I mean sure I am watching T.V. or a movie and calling it inspiration (which sometimes it does inspire), or I’m reading a book that I suddenly can’t seem to put down (which in and of itself is not a bad thing), or I’m staring at the blank computer screen willing the words to just somehow leap from my brain onto the screen without me having to lift a finger (too bad there’s no real technology for that—or is there).  All of these are quite possibly valid and relaxing time wasters, but they are also great procrastination techniques as well.

I have a plan for this year, to focus mainly on moving my writing career forward and promoting myself and my brand and heading towards success.  I promised myself that I would get away from the major distractions and really purposely direct my focus to what needs to get done to not only reach that level of success but to also remain on that level.  I started to notice that I was doing it again.  I was getting hung up on trying to work on all of my writing projects at one time and getting frustrated because it just isn’t possible to get an effective amount of work done trying to do it all at once, and lately I have found myself constructively procrastinating.

Constructive or not, procrastination is just that, procrastination.  I have to stop repeating the cycle of trying to do too much at one time and instead, designate the appropriate amount of time to each project at different times and not getting discouraged if it’s not getting done as quickly as I would like it to get done.  Truthfully, I would like my ideas to be able to write themselves because if that was possible I would have over a dozen novels by now, but good quality, thought provoking writing, takes time and can not be rushed.  Expecting perfection in my writing is one cycle that I can’t wait to stop repeating itself, but it’s all a work in progress.


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3 thoughts on “How Do I Get this Thing Off of Repeat?”

  1. I’m very similar to that. As I got older, that began to change a little bit, but not entirely. Still working on it. I wish I had advice . . . .

  2. My best advice for breaking the anti procrastination bug is taking your timer and promising yourself you can quit after 15 minutes but you have to do just 15 minutes serious writing today. and check out

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