Blooming Late or Right In Season?

Everything happens for a reason and at the time that it is supposed to happen.  That is how the saying goes right?  When frustrations set in about my slow (and I do mean slow) progression to writing success (and financial comfort ability) it is really hard to believe that there is any truth to that saying.  Half of the time I want to say that it is really just how people justify having a bad round of luck and the walls just crumbling in around them (or maybe that’s just me).  However, deep down inside I do know that there is actually truth to it.

When success happens later than you expect it to (or planned for it to) it gets frustrating watching people who are barely out of high school or college achieve success on a fluke or by a chance meeting with just the right person.  Meanwhile you work hard and consistently at something that you have the talent to back up and it just seems like mountain after mountain just keeps forming right in your path.  You get around one mountain only to be challenged with another.

You’re left wondering why this person can just snap their fingers and have all of what you’ve been working hard for years (and years), and where’s that person’s mountain.  Sometimes success just seems to come so easy for some and so much of a struggle for others.  I guess some people (myself included) are late bloomers.  It can make a person just want to throw up their hands and say the hell with it.

When I think about it, there are a lot of people who didn’t become a success when they first started out.  They struggled, stressed, and fought hard to get to their current place in life and it was a mountain to climb every step of the way.  Just because success doesn’t come easy does not mean that it isn’t coming.  There is a reason that some people have to go through more than others in order to accomplish what they set out to do.  Blooming late sometimes just means that you are blooming in season.

The writer I was in my 20’s is not who I am as a writer now in my 30’s.  Naturally I have grown, both in life and in my writing, but I have also been through things that have given me experience (and a little bit of wisdom) to be able to open up more within my writing.  If I had gotten the level of success that I wanted in my 20’s I’m not sure that I would’ve known what to do with it, or how to handle it with the level of maturity that I could now or in the future.

There was a reason why it didn’t come to me then.  I wasn’t ready for it, and I wouldn’t have been prepared.  It just wasn’t the time.  There is a reason why I haven’t bloomed yet but I do feel that the blooming is about to begin.  Better late then never!


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