Who Is In Your Corner?

who's in your corner 1

It is always good to have someone in your corner.  Someone who reassures you when your confidence is beginning to waiver and who is going to stand beside you come hell or high water.  Everyone deserves to have that kind of support.  Typically you are going to find that support within your family and your very close knit friends but what do you say to those who are supposed to be your family and don’t have your back.  How do you respond to the people who are supposed to always believe in you telling you that you won’t make it?

I try to figure that out because I have several of those in my family, people who consistently let me know that they don’t think that I am going to reach my destination.  I tune them out most of the time but when you hear people talk about not knowing where they would be without their family believing in them it seems sad when I look at my family and think I don’t know where I would be if I were to actually listen to them.  Yes I actually do know.  I would have given up on my dreams a long time ago because that’s what they’ve always wanted me to do.

Every goal that you go after is always easier to reach if you have a few people standing in your corner.  Not a lot of people, just two or three is good enough to help remind you that you are strong enough and to keep you from turning around and running away from the dreams you have for yourself.  I know that I may not have family that is standing in my corner, praying that my successes are made a reality, but I do have at least one really good friend, my best friend, who I know will always be there.

We may not always get to have the crowd of believers that we want around us but then again do we really need a big crowd?  Sure it would be nice if everyone was as sure of your choices as you are (most of the time) but truthfully you can get where you going without that big crowd.  You want that support system in the corner standing by but the most important person that you need in your corner is you.

You have to fight for that dream and you have to do it regardless of whether you are fighting with that big crowd, or you are fighting for it alone.  No matter who I have or don’t have in my corner, I know one thing.  I have me (and of course God) and that’s all there really is.  So no matter how large your corner is expanding make sure that you remember that no one can fight for that dream you have like you can.


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