I’ve Never Fully Been Ready to Jump

leap of faith_1

I am one of those people who can prepare something to death.  I mean I make a list, and then I check over it, I double check and sometimes even triple check.  When it comes to writing a novel or an article, I outline, and then I research.  I often end up with massive amounts of research in which only about half of it gets used and the rest gets tossed to the side and becomes a reminder of how much time I wasted over-preparing for something yet again.

I know that preparation is supposed to be a good thing and for most people it is but for those of us who can tend to use the preparation process as another stall tactic (procrastination) it can rob us of so much time that would be better spent just jumping into the project and getting started already.  When am I going to learn that sometimes it really is better to just dive in (head first) and get it done.  I spend so much time waiting for the right moment to come, for the right amount of money (or in most cases, any money), for the right person to partner with, for just the right amount of nerve to actually launch that business.

So much time I waste waiting and never actually doing any of the things I long to do.  If I could go back and count how many accomplishments I could’ve been able to cross off my list had I not waited for some unknown right moment I would’ve already tackled most of that list by now and I would be much happier for it.  If we could add up all of the countless hours that we have wasted on second guessing ourselves, and preparing everything to the point of exhaustion how many of our endeavors could we have already achieved?

You can never really prepare for everything, especially the curveballs that life throws you that you don’t even realize are coming.  The best you can do is deal with things as they come and just go along for the ride.  I think that is where I went wrong with this year’s plan.  I over-plan and try to over-prepare everything, and worry so much about what money I don’t have to start this business that I have wanted to start for as long as I can remember.  I am over-thinking everything, so much so that nothing is being done.  I’ve got to just take a leap of faith and jump right in.

No one is every really 100% ready to begin the journey that will lead them into their destiny because the things that are most worth having are never really easy to attain.  So if you are one of those people who over-prepares and stands on the edge of the curb waiting for all of the possible obstacles that could block your path before you actually cross the road leading to your destiny, stop waiting.  If you stood by to let every obstacle pass you by before taking the chance to walk that road you may find yourself standing on that curb for a very long time.  You may not be 100% ready, but what the hell, jump anyway!

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