Some Moves Need to Be Made in Silence

I read in a book before, I believe it was a Steve Harvey book, that you shouldn’t share all of your dreams with the people around you. Not because your dreams are silly or anything like that, or even because you’re afraid someone is going to steal your idea, but because of the people who will try to dim your light and dampen your drive and enthusiasm.  So while I share a lot with you guys about the things that I want or plan to do, I don’t share some of the plans that are the most important to me because I just don’t want anyone to throw cold water on my dreams and trying to tell me what they think I won’t be able to do.

This morning I heard something new that caught my attention. I always speak to everyone I come in contact with (I try to anyway) by saying good morning or good afternoon and then asking them how they are doing. There’s a cashier that I regularly go to at the store and every time I ask how she’s doing she says “oh I can’t complain” which in and of itself is an excellent stance to take on life. That while I could complain (there are some things I could definitely complain about) what would be the point. She put an extra twist on that this morning. She said “she never wants to let the devil know her business”, meaning that once you release that complaint, the devil gets to working and he gets busy. If you don’t complain then you don’t give the devil anything to work with. I love that.

I had never thought of it like that and it was an amazing outlook. I suppose essentially the idea is that you move forward on your journey in silence (obviously not complete and total silence—I mean I have a close circle of people that I share things with because those are my people), not sharing intimate details of your plans with a ton of people and not sharing any details of the obstacles and pitfalls that you hit along your path.  I think sometimes we tend to share so many of our thoughts with others, either in person or via social media, and we forget to follow through with those plans. I’m not suggesting that people are styling and profiling (wow showing my age with that phrase lol) for the masses but sometimes we do a lot more talking and neglect to put in the action that’s needed to make things happen.

I know that for myself I have been working on the not complaining part because I don’t want to put that energy out into the universe (I mean isn’t there already enough negative energy in this world right now) and complaining doesn’t really help make anything better. I think that keeping a positive mindset and not focusing on or dwelling in the things that happen to us, the things that we can’t necessarily change, just takes time away from the good things that you can be doing with our time and our energy.  There is far too much work to be done on our individual journey’s to waste any amount of time on things that don’t help to move us forward. I hope that you have a good group of people around you that you can confide in, but make sure you don’t confide in just anyone because those random people could be the one’s secretly wishing for you to fail. Just know that you can’t tell everyone the moves you’re planning to make, you just simply have to move.

Until next time… #BeBold #BeCourageous #BeConfident  

Jimmetta Carpenter 


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1 thought on “Some Moves Need to Be Made in Silence”

  1. Not complaining is something I’ve been trying to do too! That, and not participating in any badmouthing. Like you, I just want to do my part in not throwing out bad vibes into the universe. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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