The Journey Doesn’t End at a Closed Door

on the other side of the door

As I started this year with all of the excitement and anticipation of anyone dead set on taking their dreams to the next level I sat and thought about something that my pastor preached about a few weeks ago. He talked about not just asking God for what it is that you want out of your life but believing and knowing that God will do for you all that he promised he would do. The important part of his message that he spoke about was how sometimes we allow our impatience and our discouragement hold us back from getting all of the things that we’ve been asking God for. We want what we want right at that moment and somehow we think that if it doesn’t happen on the time table that we had in our mind that it means that it’s never going to happen at all.

I think that that’s what I have been doing, unknowingly of course, but I’ve been so impatient. It sounds funny saying that when I think about the fact that I’ve been at this for over a decade now but if I think back there have been so many moments where I felt like a breakthrough might have been coming but then an obstacle presented itself. Instead of holding steady and pushing through that door which was simply stuck, I turned and went backwards trying to trace my missteps to figure out what I missed that would have made the door open easier and quicker. The truth is, in those moments where I turned and tried to see where I went wrong my energy would have been better spent trying to push through that door that was just stuck, not locked, simply hard to open.

There isn’t a set time where everything is just supposed to magically come together. Just because the results aren’t immediate or as fast paced as you think they should be doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Everything that is worth having has been won in a struggle. We have to stop putting a time table on our dreams and making it as if they’re not worth striving for if they don’t happen at the precise moment we want them to.

There will always be a different door at the turning point of any moment in your journey and what’s on the other side of it won’t always be easy to access but we can’t give up and we can’t turn back trying to create our own do-over. Now it’s true that there are some doors that were meant to be closed in order for others to open but we can’t confuse what’s not meant for us to open with what just appears to be too hard to open. We have to just push through, no matter how hard we have to push, until we knock that door down. Don’t walk away before you finally get everything that it is you’ve been waiting for. The journey isn’t over just because you have to stay in the same place for a little while longer than you initially planned. Keep pushing through those doors because the next level is coming!


Jimmetta Carpenter



Do I Fall In the Middle?

I read an article on a blog that I just started following this morning that seemed to clear up a lot of things that I sit and wonder about on a regular basis.  It talked about the 3 categories of writers that exist within the world of Hollywood.  The top level of writers is considered the professionals and those who are talented and have proven their talent and are hitting their stride as a professional writer.  The bottom level of writers are those who aspire to be a writer but who do not necessarily have the talent to back it up and they don’t really have the desire that is needed to become a successful writer.

Then there is the level of writers that fall right there in the middle.  These are the talented writers who have the ability to be successful and they have more than enough determination and desire but they just can’t get the right doors to open for them.  After reading this article I really had to wonder if I am that writer in the middle.  The answer really didn’t take that long to come to me.  Of course I am.

I am sitting right on that middle level, with the passion, the determination, the desire, and definitely the talent that it takes and I keep trying to push open door after door but the right one’s, the one’s that will lead me to that ultimate success that I’m striving for, they just won’t open up.

It’s often frustrating to go online and stumble upon blogs from people who (I’m just going to bluntly say this) just aren’t that talented and whose paragraphs are riddled with grammatical errors one right after the other and yet they have thousands and thousands of followers.  They are the one’s that are starting to turn a profit and starting to see the money come in like it’s falling off a tree.  It puzzles me and I just want to know what door they are walking through so I could at least go and knock on some of those same doors.  I am tired of being that writer in the middle standing in front of a door that just refuses to open up for me.

That’s what this year is about for me, changing that.  It’s about pushing through those doors and busting them down if need be.  I feel like I am off to a good start and going in the right direction but I know that I should be doing more because what I dread more than anything is getting to the end of this year and standing in front of those doors that still won’t open up.

Jimmetta Carpenter


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