Let Providence Be Your Guide

I was watching Oprah’s Master Class last night and this particular episode was about Morgan Freeman and his long journey to success.  He spoke a lot of letting Providence be your guide.  I know that this is going to sound funny but I had never really heard of that saying and I didn’t quite understand what it meant.  I mean I realized what meaning it had by the context he was using it in throughout the telling of his life lessons but I still (being the constant researcher that I am) had to go to Google and read more about this Providence.  In short, it refers to God’s extraordinary intervention in the life of people.  

When Morgan Freeman continually mentioned Providence intervening at the right moments in his life he spoke of the countless times that he might have been leaning towards making wrong, or worse, desperate decisions to maintain a somewhat decent living while in search for his dream that frankly took way longer to come to fruition than he would’ve liked.  He spoke about his attempt in joining the Air Force in which case he quickly realized he wasn’t cut out for that. Providence had intervened.  

He talked about his attempts at being a ‘clerk typists’ and working for this company as a temp.  When he tried to get the job full time the hiring manager told him that that was not what he was supposed to be doing, and that he was supposed to be an Actor. Providence had intervened again.  He spoke of his collecting unemployment and having to search for a typical, clerk typist job which kept him from looking for acting jobs.  He said that he had gotten frustrated enough to go to the supervisor of the employment agency and told her that by them making him look for typical work that he just wasn’t meant for, they were keeping him from being who he truly was, an actor.  She approved his benefits anyway and gave him six months to get an acting job. Providence intervened again.  There were countless other people in his life that ‘intervened’ with him trying to lead a mediocre existence and steered him even further towards what he was born to do. 

In the beginning of the program he made a statement about things happening as they should and that you are going to have those certain times in your life where you think that you should have been doing something else, something more, but that’s not necessarily so.  He said that you probably should be doing whatever it is you’re doing, just to do your best at it.  I thought about that, and the fact that I always feel like I should be in a much different place, a much better place.  But in listening to the life lessons of Morgan Freeman, a man who didn’t really come into his career until he was around the age of fifty (although I really hope it doesn’t take me that long), I realized that he’s right.  

I mean I would like to not have gone through a lot of the things I’ve gone through in life. I’ve had opportunities pass by me that just seemed like they should have been mine but somehow didn’t pan out.  Perhaps that was Providence also intervening in my life.  Without all of the things that I have gone through, those things I sit and wonder ‘why me’ about, would I be the person I am right now.  Would I be as strong, as determined, as persistent?  Would I be this much of a fighter?  I don’t know that I would be if I hadn’t had all of these tests and obstacles along my journey.  

Perhaps Providence has protected me from something I might not have been ready for.  Maybe the opportunities that passed me by weren’t really mine to begin with.  Maybe I should just do the best at what I’m doing now and be the best writer that I can be right now, in this moment, and let Providence guide me.  Maybe we all should let that spiritual force be the guide that steers us in the direction that we should be going, not necessarily in the direction we think we should be going.  Until tomorrow…Take stock in what you are doing now, it most likely is right where you should be. 

Jimmetta Carpenter


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