50 Shades of Publicity and Buzz

Shades of publicity

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several months (maybe longer) then you know that this weekend is the release of the most talked about movie in I don’t know how long, “50 Shades of Grey”. It stands to gross over $80 million opening weekend alone (of course those are projected figures) and has probably been one of the best promoted movies, including gimmicks and promotional materials, in decades.

While sadly, I will not be going to see it, certainly not because I don’t want to, but because I made a decision this year to use my finances a little more wisely and since I have already treated myself to something for the month of February then seeing it, at least on opening weekend, is not in the cards. Now everyone who I know that wants to see the movie has their obvious reasons but I however, being the writer that I am, have ulterior motives.

I have never actually read the book so the hype that everyone is making over it is somewhat lost upon me due to the fact that I don’t know what’s in the book. I do, however, desire, to see what kind of writing lies in a movie that garners this much publicity and this much hype. I know that the book and the movie almost never match each other so part of me wants to read the book simply just to see how the writing between the two compares to one another. The other part wants to see it to take notes and to study the craft in which the movie was written.

I hear the buzz for this movie and the projected numbers for this movie and all I can really think about is whether any of the project ideas I have for the upcoming future will do those same kind of numbers one day and how do I get that kind of buzz and publicity going for my endeavors. I can’t help it but I don’t necessarily watch movies and television the same way anymore. I almost don’t even read the same way anymore.

I watch movies and TV and read with that writer’s eye and sometimes with the critical view of an editor. I see what could have been done better, written in a more convincing way, or I see how the characters could have been more persuasive in their acting or with their tone when they say a line. I suppose that means I am evolving as a writer and editor but it sometimes does take away the fun of watching or reading something for the sheer enjoyment of it.

With that said I am now going to go work on the many ideas that I have brewing in my head right now, some of which I hold out the hope that they will be so well written and so enticing that they will also have that same 50 Shades buzz and publicity and yes the numbers too some day (and soon). Hope that you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend and if you are one of many who will be seeing the 50 Shade of Grey movie please let me know what you thought of it!


Jimmetta Carpenter

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Passionate Writer

“A strong passion for anything will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means.”
~William Hazlitt 

Very seldom do I ever wish that I could go back in time to when I was younger, perhaps in high school, and just live in that moment for while.  Perhaps I would enjoy and take stock in the moments when I wrote simply because it was all I could do to get my feelings out, or when writing was not so much of a job or chore and more of a past time that I didn’t have to actually think about anything past the point of writing the actual story.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love to write and I could never imagine anything else that I should be doing in this life or the next other than writing.  But before there was the business aspect of writing (the hardest part of being a writer), and the marketing and publicity aspect, and the managing sales figures and making sure you are actually making money off of your passion, there was simply just the passion of it all.  

I remember rushing to get home to just get the words of my characters out on paper (because back then I wrote long-hand), and I remember the feeling of accomplishment when the story was finished and when someone else told me that my words meant something to them.  I didn’t worry so much back then about how to get my words published and how to market and how to make actual profits off of my work.  I just knew that writing was my life’s dream and that was how I wanted to make my living.  I knew that I wanted to make the best seller’s lists and write movies and write for magazines and television shows and that I wanted my living to be made from what I loved to do more than anything in the world.  

Now I am making schedule’s to try and fit what I love into the rest of my life and reading and teaching myself about things pertaining to marketing and publicity, which are things I really don’t care about, but I have to know these things to make what I love to do work for me.  I would just love to get to that point again where all I have to think about is the sheer enjoyment of writing my words down on paper and telling the story of my characters; back to the moment when I first fell in love with writing to begin with.  

However, in reality, I want my words to be seen by the world and that part of my dream takes work and hard labor.  But it is definitely a labor of love and one that I am willing to make many sacrifices for.  So what are you most passionate about and are you willing to put in the hard labor to make it happen?  Until next time…be blessed and make your labor of love count! 


Jimmetta Carpenter


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