Are You Headed In the Wrong Direction?

You are never going to get to the right place if you are headed in the wrong direction. It’s something my Pastor said in the message on Sunday’s live stream in talking about repairing the breaches in your life that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals and your purpose. Imagine you’re driving somewhere and you’re taking one route to get there but it’s in the complete opposite direction of your destination. How can you expect to end up in the place you need to be if you continue to stay on the wrong path, especially if you’re too proud to ask for directions.

We’re not going to get everything right, I think that’s obvious. But what hurts us most is when we’re unable to admit or acknowledge when we’ve gotten it wrong. In order to get all that we want out of this life, all that we’re placed here to do, there’s a level of sacrifice that is going to be necessary. I hear a lot of times people make declarations about clinging to their pride, their pride won’t let them ask for help (I definitely fall into this category), or their pride won’t allow them to ask for the right directions. If we can’t even sacrifice our pride to get to the place that we need to go then we’re not going to get very far.

Sometimes the person you need to go to most to help get you turned around and going in the right direction is God and I know the feeling of thinking that maybe you’re problems are too big for God’s help or even worse, thinking that you’ve asked for God’s help too much and thinking that he’ll grow tired of coming to your aide. I’ve come to realize that this couldn’t be further from the truth. What would be worse is having God to go to, knowing that you’re heading the wrong way, and because you’re too proud to go to him you continue going in the wrong direction. That not only hinders your journey and short changes the people who you were placed on this earth to be a blessing to, but it also underestimates the unconditional love God has for us and it undermines his purpose for your life.

Look we’re in crazy times right now and some of us will be in isolation for longer than others. This is the perfect time to correct the course you’re on if you were headed in the wrong direction. It’s the perfect time to go to HIM if you have been reluctant to go to HIM before. It’s the time to not worry about what you might have to give up in order to get where it is you need to go. None of us are perfect and none of us are without pride but is your pride really worth holding onto if you end up having nothing to show for it? Now is the time to turn things around. Until next time… #BeGrateful #BeOpen #BeofService


Jimmetta Carpenter 



How Big Should the Sacrifice Be?

taken for granted

Well my Fourth of July holiday did not go quite as I had expected it to go.  The plans that I had fell through and I in many ways felt as if I was sacrificed and a little taken for granted.  It made me wonder just how much is too much to sacrifice for your dream.  I know that I have said in the past that there is nothing that I wouldn’t sacrifice (unless it had to do with my daughter) to become the successful writer and media mogul that I feel I am destined to be.  Perhaps I should change that to nothing within reason.

I think that sometimes people get so caught up in the pursuit of their dream and their vision that they have moments where they start to neglect the people that they claim are important to them and begin to disregard how they feel.  They may even scold those people for “not understanding what it is they are trying to do” and try and make it as if they have done something wrong when in reality they may be starting to forget that there are things outside of their pursuit and their goals that are just as important.

I think that it is 100 percent important for people who have that dream and that vision and that place that they are trying so desperately to reach, to try everything they can (with reason, and that is legal) to get themselves there.  Having said that, I do not think that it is okay to forget or neglect the people who have been there for you during the process or to act as if the only thing that matters is what you want, at least not if those people are supposed to be your true friends and your support system.

People that are there for you and support you on your path are just as important as the journey that you are taking and I think that we as artists or just as entrepreneurs should try and remember that when we are pushing the people closest to us away for the sake of our craft.  I am willing to sacrifice many things for the sake of my dreams, for my destiny, but I refuse to act as if the people that are around me and that have been there for me don’t matter just to pursue them.  Now if there is someone in your life that you realize that you have been neglecting or taking for granted lately for the sake of your craft and in pursuit of those goals, just remember that those people are just as important and just as our craft, or careers, need tending to, so do the relationships that we hold dear.

Jimmetta Carpenter


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