What is There to Wait For?

“Waiting is a trap.  There will always be reasons to wait.  The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.”

~Dr. Robert Anthony 

When someone in the gym this morning asked why I didn’t wait for them to go start my running I simply said I’m not waiting for anyone this year.  It got me to thinking about just how much time I have spent (or rather wasted) waiting around for something or someone.  It seems like I was always the one that would wait for people to come along, or come around and who in turn wanted people to wait around for me.  

I guess I must have had some sort of revelation when this year kicked into gear because my attitude became one of not wanting to wait around for anyone anymore, or for anything to just happen.  Not even waiting around for the other shoe to drop as I typically do as well.  How many minutes or hours do people spend just waiting?  I am tired of waiting for other people, or even having people waiting for me to do something that they already know they need to do.  

Now I am not speaking of every single aspect of your life but when it comes to doing something that you know has to get done, don’t sit around waiting, not even for that person that said they were going to be right there alongside you.  I wish I could get back all of the time that I’ve wasted waiting around for something to happen, waiting for someone to get their act together, waiting for someone to give me great opportunities to exercise the talent that I possess, even waiting for inspiration to just strike (as I posted about yesterday).  

The fact of the matter is that I can’t just sit and wait because there isn’t anymore time for that.  Too much time has already gone by.  Now it’s time to get my butt into high gear and get busy making what I want happen and not waiting around letting opportunities just fall through the cracks.  Until tomorrow…Can you count how much time you’ve wasted just waiting around?     

Jimmetta Carpenter


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