10 Things We Sometimes Do to Sabotage Ourselves

I was thinking of all the ways and things people do to sabotage themselves.  Largely, I was thinking of all of the things that I am doing that are making me sabotage myself.  Unknowingly, this week has turned out to be one of looking inward at myself and reflecting on the things that I want and most importantly what I need to change within me to get those things that I am striving for.  I had no idea that was what this week would be for me but I am tired of feeling as if I am watching the life I want pass me by.  So I made a list of ten things that people do to hold themselves back from success. 

  1. Procrastination
  2. Making Excuses
  3. Pointing the finger at everyone else but yourself
  4. Doing a whole lot of planning without a lot of doing.
  5. Keeping people around you that are not going to give you a swift kick in the ass
  6. Not going after every possible opportunity that you can get your hands on
  7. Not taking care of yourself (both mental and physical health) before you take care of others
  8. Open their minds to change and do something new
  9. Say yes to everyone and continue to say no to yourself
  10. Over think everything instead of just doing 

Okay so that’s my list of which I am probably guilty of more than half of those things on that list.  Tomorrow I will go a little further into self-sabotage and what we can do to stop sabotaging our own destiny.  

Jimmetta Carpenter


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