I Never Was the Best at Juggling Too Many Balls

“In truth, people can generally make time for what they choose to do; it is not really the time but the will that is lacking.”
~Sir John Lubbock 

Yesterday was the first day of the first class for my Master’s Program in Psychology.  I have gone through both frustration and excitement about getting back into school for months now as I went through the enrollment process.  It’s something that has always been on my life goal list and that I knew I would not be satisfied had I never completed it.  

My excitement faded a little as I read over the syllabus and realized just how hard this was going to be.  It’s not as if I expected it to be easy, I mean it’s a Master’s program so the expectations are automatically high.  I guess the doubts just hit me as I read over all that had to be tackled in just the first class alone.  

I began to wonder ‘why did I sign up for this’ and ‘what exactly did I get myself into’.  I started to doubt whether I can really do this successfully.  But of course you know the doubts eventually go away and while I am still wondering every other minute if I can handle such an intense program, I am not a quitter and there is no way I am going to turn back now.  

The one thing about going back to school that works somewhat in my favor (sometimes it works against me) is that it forces me to have to be more organized in the managing of my time.  With this being the Master’s program in which I can’t get anything lower than a B (although I’m striving for all A’s), my need for being better at multi-tasking is even greater now than ever before.  

Not only do I have to juggle being a single mother and a struggling writer trying to become more successful with my Freelancing career, but I have to factor in school as well.  This makes me have to come up with a time management plan that absolutely has to work because I can’t afford for it to fail.  

Have I mentioned I was never good at juggling, hence my inability to master the art of time management in the most recent months.  I suppose that I just happen to be one of those people that work better and more effectively when I am under pressure and on some kind of deadline.  Well I am definitely going to deal with many deadlines from now until the time I finish my Master’s Degree (especially since I don’t plan to set aside my writing goals).  I guess I have to learn to get a lot better at my juggling skills. 


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