Out With the Old and In With the New

That’s the saying that people use when they decide to give up old practices and old ways that weren’t working and vow to shift their efforts in a new direction.  Well this year has just begun and that is exactly what it is time for.  Sometimes that saying can also apply to the people that you choose to keep in your life as well.

A part of forging a path that leads to being successful is making sure that you have the right attitude (a positive one), you have a heavy amount of faith, a drive to get to where you want to end up, and the right support system surrounding you.  If one aspect of your path is not right for you it throws everything else around it off, even if that one aspect is the people that are around you.

I realized yesterday (with some advice from my best friend Ms. L.) that sometimes there are just people that you have in your life that you outgrow and while there is nothing wrong with them per say, they just simply are not a good fit for the journey that you are trying to take.  It may just be that their direction and yours is shifting away from each other and your objectives are just too different from one another.

On the first day of this year, as you shift towards whatever direction you are heading in, or even if the path you were already on is working and you’re just continuing on, make sure that you reevaluate the people that are on your journey with you.  Make sure that they are not going to hinder the journey that you are on with their own objectives that are not aligned with yours.  Make sure that they are really for you and not working against you.  Make sure that they truly want to see you succeed instead of standing by rooting for you to fail.  Don’t keep the wrong people around you simply because they have always been there.  They have always been there for all of the wrong reasons.  Happy New Year and may this year be everything that we all dream for it to be.

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