A Shift in Your Favor

Last week was a week of doubts and second guessing myself.  I have those every once and a while and I try not to have moments like those too often because it interrupts the progress that I do make when I get sidetracked by my own doubts.  As usual, when I am in the need of some extra guidance and I am feeling doubtful God seems to put the right message in my ear that I need, at just the right time.

I was flipping through channels late the other night (about 2 am) and I stumbled upon a Joel Osteen program.  I was actually getting ready to turn to something completely different but something told me to keep it right there on that channel.  So I kept it on that channel and I watched and the first several words that I heard was him talking about 2013 being the year of the shift, when everything is going to start shifting in your favor.

Right then I knew what that something was that told me not to turn that channel.  Joel Osteen continued his message, saying that while you (the audience) might feel that you have been struggling a little longer then you thought you were going to, and as if it may be too late to accomplish your dreams, and like the obstacles that are in your way are just too big to get past, don’t give up because God is about to shift things in your favor.  I felt as if he was talking directly to me (even though I know there are a lot of people who need that message as well) and it gave me that drive back again and even a little more hope.

He reminded me of something that I should make sure to never forget and that is that even the things that seem like they are not even in the realm of possibility, are possible when God moves it into your path and when he places things in your favor.  What God has created for you, is for you no matter what because he is not going to allow anyone to keep you from your destiny.

Even when we do receive the blessings that we ask for, we tend to question it, feeling as though sometimes we don’t deserve it or as if we didn’t rightfully earn it.  In Joel Osteen’s message he made sure to address that as well by simply saying “don’t question God’s favor and the blessings he has given you on purpose.”  Some things just sound so much simpler when you hear it out of someone else’s mouth.  Why wouldn’t we deserve the blessings that we have asked for and what really constitutes earning it.  Really all you need to do is have hope and faith that when you go to God, he will answer you back favorably if it is meant for you.

I have said it since the beginning of this year that I really feel like this year is going to be different.  I feel like this year is somehow the time when things are going to move around for me and start working in my favor.  I feel like all of the goals and dreams I have been moving toward accomplishing are finally going to begin coming into fruition.  I have spoken all of things that I aspire towards into existence for so long that I believe they are finally going to start becoming a reality.

I know that I have my moments where I am doubtful of what I am doing, I think we all do.  However, one thing is for sure, I will never allow myself to give up because to me that would suggest that I don’t believe that God wants all of the best for me.  God wants the best for all of us.  There is no one that he wants to fail.  We fail when we don’t believe in the power of God’s favor.  So this year, let’s start speaking the good things that are meant for us into existence.  Let’s embrace the shift that is going to come our way this year and the God is always working in our favor.

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