Can’t Move Forward While Standing Still

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are” ~Max Depree

I saw this quote and it made me think of how much I’ve grown in certain ways over the last couple of years. It also makes me think of the ways that I still have yet to grow.  There are still risks that I haven’t been willing to take because, simply put, I can’t predict where taking those risks will lead. However, I can’t help but think that perhaps not taking some of those risks costs me way more time than the sheer anxiety of wondering where it would lead. 

Some of us are really good at jumping into the next phase of the dream and taking things head on and I admire that. Then there are those of us who often are hesitant to reach out and grab the next opportunity that comes our way because we don’t know if we’re going to actually be able to reach the level we’re striving for.

It’s true that you can’t move forward while standing still so if you are anything like me and your anxiety or self-doubt is holding you back from something, don’t allow it to continue keeping you stuck.  Let’s make a pact that we’ll reach for that next opportunity together. We will keep moving forward, even if the steps that we are taking are small little baby steps.

Until next time… #BeBrave #BeFearless #BeReady


Jimmetta Carpenter 



Sometimes It Is Risky to Be Yourself

risk of not being yourselfI can think of about a dozen people who I admire.  People whose success I would love to have. People whose life seems so ideal and who I wish I could be like in one way or another.  I think that we all have those days where there is someone who we wouldn’t mind trading places with, even for a day.  However, we can only ever be ourselves and we have to learn to be the best person that we can be.

People always declare how you should be an original version of yourself and not a bad imitation of someone else.  You’re supposed to achieve the level of success you want by remaining true to who you are and not copying anyone else.  I definitely believe that a person should always be who they are but being original can be tricky.

There is always the risk that someone won’t be accepting of you or what you do and as a writer, while it is not important for everyone to like you or your writing you have to be accepted on some level to be successful.  The thing is, I am me, I am who I am, love me or hate, take it or leave it, and I won’t apologize for it.  However, sometimes there are days when I feel like being myself is either not good enough for people or that people just can’t handle who I really am.

I know you’re not supposed to care about who accepts you and who doesn’t but what if I do care?  What if I want people to care about my words and my feelings and what I’m going through?  What if I want people to listen to what I have to say and what my ideas are and not dismiss them as if they don’t matter?  What if I want people to accept me, flaws and all, and stop wishing that I was something that I am not?

Writers are typically thought of as different, and weird, and isolated but that doesn’t mean we want to be.  I am definitely not like a lot of other people and I have spent a large part of my adolescent years trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be, never really being who I was.  Sometimes it seems like in finally being who I am and not trying to be some version of somebody else I end up standing alone a lot of the time.  I wonder whether or not I should have just kept being the copy everyone seemed to like better.  Have you ever felt like being yourself just wasn’t good enough?


Jimmetta Carpenter


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