No Shortcuts

We all seek something meaningful out of life.  We have a sense of purpose that is sometimes beyond all rationality.  And when it seems like it will take forever for us to reach that destination that we are striving to get to, we all sometimes wish that we could just wake up one day and be there, right where we feel we need to be in life.  Unfortunately life does not work that way.  Or maybe it’s fortunate for us that it doesn’t.  

I was watching my soap opera today (Young and the Restless) and something was said on there that really struck a chord with me.  What good is reaching your destination without having the experience of getting there?  What good is it, it means nothing, and you learn nothing?  I never thought of it like that.  

If I were to just wake up one day and have it all handed to me, everything that I want in this life, without having the struggle of actually getting to those proud and joyful moments, then would it mean as much?  Without all of the blood, sweat, and tears put into making my dreams come true, would they mean as much and would I work just as hard to hold onto them?  I can say that I would but I don’t know that.  

Sometimes it is the struggle of the journey that makes the end result worth every bit of hardship that you went through.  Sometimes there are no shortcuts in life, and I am discovering (though it took me a while to realize) that taking the long way to your destination can sometimes be the best thing you could ever do to satisfy your purpose.  Until tomorrow…Don’t always go looking for the shorter way around things.


Jimmetta Carpenter


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Writing as “Jaycee Durant”